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Learning Centers


The ACE Network

It starts with ACE’s Network. In cooperation with Sprint, we deliver Internet access to ACE Learning Centers. This means that students and teachers have Internet access in every corner of the campus, from classroom and library, to the teacher’s break room, to the school garden and beyond.

Schools are required to use the ACE Network to support their educational mission to qualify to become an ACE Learning Center. The Internet connection is used in a variety of ways – from supplying broadband to the classroom or learning lab to deliver educational curriculum, to providing a backup system for the campus or administration, to being a mobile connection when students or administrators are at home or on the move.

Continuing education is in our name and our charter, and we maintain our focus by championing Learning Centers that go beyond the standard curriculum taught in schools.


Alpha Parent Center / ACE Learning Center

Located at: Cindy Avitia High School, 1881 Cunningham Avenue, San Jose, CA 95122

The Alpha Parent Center provides parents the space and resources needed to build a powerful community of families, a place to access stability services, and opportunities to grow and become leaders. Classes include English proficiency for Latino and Vietnamese parents, technology skills and leadership programs. The Alpha Parent Center also acts as a coordinating organization for Second Harvest Food Bank that provides fresh food to the Alpha Schools community.

Rosetta Stone American English Curriculum

ACE provides a Rosetta Stone American English license to the Alpha Parent Center to support ESL classes.

Oakland International High School / ACE Learning Center

Located at: 4521 Webster Street, Oakland, CA 94609

Oakland International High School (OIHS) is dedicated to helping support recently arrived immigrants academically, socially, and emotionally. The school helps young newcomers learn English so they can graduate from high school on time and ready for college. Many students have severe interruptions in their formal educations because of war, poverty, or ethnic conflict in their home countries and, as a result, are far behind grade level in almost every subject. Continuing education is a real need for them and their families.

At the ACE College and Career Center, students and families are supported in their acquisition of English and technology skills. The College Literacy program at OIHS provides 12th grade students with an additional English course, focused on preparation for the SAT, ACT, and introductory English classes at the college level.

All 12th grade students participate in an internship program, which is focused on career readiness and exploration, preparation for higher education and authentic English practice in the workplace. There is also a new class offered with TV station KDOL in Oakland where students can learn the art of video production.

Rosetta Stone American English Curriculum

ACE provides a web-based Rosetta Stone American English license to the school for students and parent ESL classes. This mobility allows all students to continue learning English from any computer or mobile device at home or school.

San Francisco International High School / ACE Learning Center

Located at: 1050 York Street, San Francisco, CA 94110

San Francisco International High School is the Bay Area’s newest addition to schools dedicated to helping support recently arrived immigrants academically, socially, and emotionally. The ACE – SFIHS partnership is expanding the Continuing Education Programs this year to include increased intervention and prevention programs, counseling, increased family outreach and expanded peer-to-peer education services.

Our Fellows program is managed by Amanda Chui, who provides leadership training to our growing team of alumni who support the continuing education of our current high school students and beginning college students. Chui prepares fellows to work at SFIHS as well as on their college campuses.

Our ACE Learning Center is comprised of two major strands that are both bolstered by alumni fellows. Our Acceleration program is managed by Christopher Maldonado, who supports students with interrupted formal education (SIFE) as they develop academic literacy and numeracy skills in English. Maldonado implements culturally-relevant curriculum that draws on students’ interests, passions and backgrounds to teach fundamental academic skills for 21st century students. Fellows support our Acceleration program as in-class teaching assistants and after school tutors.

Span, managed by Kyle Halle-Erby, supports high-risk graduates through the first year of college. Span at SFIHS provides advocacy, academic counseling and leadership development for recent high school graduates enrolled full-time in college who face significant barriers to post-secondary achievement. Span is designed to support students through the unique academic, administrative and cultural challenges they face as newcomer immigrants, English learners and first-generation college students on a university campus. Through ongoing peer-to-peer support as well as group and individual advising with program staff, Span promotes college retention, academic success and leadership development. Span fellows, former Span Scholars, take on leadership roles as mentors to younger students. They receive leadership training from Halle-Erby and Chui to support current Span Scholars on their campuses.

Chui, Maldonado and Halle-Erby work with each student as they commit to their personal and academic goals for the year. They strive to understand each student’s life outside of school to get a better understanding of how the programs can meet their needs.

KALW Audio Academy / ACE Learning Center

Located at: 500 Mansell Street, San Francisco, CA 94134

ACE has partnered with local San Francisco public radio station KALW 91.7 FM to offer a distinctive continuing education opportunity – KALW Audio Academy.

This free, nine-month intensive radio journalism training program leads participants through weekly coursework comprehensively covering all aspects of radio journalism. KALW staff and other notable media producers will lead workshops on researching, reporting, interviewing, writing, voicing and sound design. Trainees will learn to produce and create original feature stories and themed programs for broadcast on the award-winning nightly news and culture show Crosscurrents.