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Posted by on Apr 9, 2018 in ACE Learning Center, ACE School Report, Continuing Education | 2 comments

Oakland International’s ACE Poetry Contest Mascot Meows and Writes Limericks

By Sailaja Suresh, Director, Oakland International High School Learning Lab, and Poetry by Violet, OIHS ACE Poetry Contest Mascot

Violet looks down at OIHS’s poets from atop a bookshelf.


Oakland International High School (OIHS) ACE Poetry Contest has a new mascot: Introducing Violet!

Oh, lovers of poetry and lovers of cats, you are in for a treat this year! Here’s Violet, our new mascot, lover of poetry, lover of technology, and lover of looking down at one and all from high bookshelves. She offers this poem in anticipation of this year’s annual Poetry contest!



Limerick on Poetry

By Violet

There once was a dog named Riley,
Whose face and demeanor were quite smiley.
I looked upon him with awe
As he wrote poems with his paw
Doting on Lucy Rose rather shyly.


Perhaps her next poem will be about her catty perspective on life–for now, she hopes that she can prove once and for all that Violets are not blue, but a fetching mix of black and white. Here’s to a month of new poems!


  1. Good afternoon Violet,

    I was just about to say…Roses are Red and Violets are Blue..I’m sure you’re sick of hearing that so here’s a new poem for you:

    I’ve never met a cat before
    Small but mighty you are, I’m sure
    My favorite thing is walking on sand
    What about you, my new feline friend?


    • Who knew that dogs and cats could be friends?
      That poetry and technology could make such amends!
      Among two animals normally seen
      Looking at each other quite mean,
      Here’s to hoping this positivity never ends!

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