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Posted by on May 19, 2013 in ACE Partners, ACE School Report | 0 comments

Poetry Contest Winners Create Limericks about Technology at Alpha: Blanca Alvarado Middle School

By Guest Blogger Riley, assisted by Martha Sessums

Hi, it’s me again – Riley. I get to announce the winners in the ACE/Alpha Poetry Contest! There were 24 submissions, and the judges (Mr. Glover, Ms. Smith and, of course, me) had a tough time choosing from all the terrific entries.

The winning poems are limericks, which I like because they have a catchy rhythm and rhyme. But the students learned about lots of types of poetry and the rules for each style regarding syllables, rhyming patterns and rhythms. Gosh, each type is so different, from haiku to sonnets to modern free verse. Personally, I like doggerel.

Okay, here we go! The winners of the ACE/Alpha Poetry Contest are:

3rd Place Winner: Timmy Tran





There once was a guy named K.G.
Who didn’t have much technology
He failed all the tests!
Some think he’s a pest
Educated he might not be

2nd Place Winner: Charley Garcia




The importance of Tech

We use laptops to help us learn
And to better students we will turn
We use Teen Biz Sites
We reach our full might
Technology helps us to learn

1st Place Winner: Paola Ramirez




Computers at Alpha

Computers at Alpha are cool
It’s like a mechanical school
It helps us on math
So tests can feel our wrath
The computers at Alpha are cool

Paola said, “I feel proud of myself and I feel really good at the being the best at limericks.”

In fact, all the kids said they were proud to win and that it was a really fun contest. Ms. Smith added, “These three kids are all super awesome and completely embody the Alpha Core Values of Ambition, Leadership, Perspective, Hard Work and Attitude.”

Of course, I understand excitement. (Have you seen me run around the office searching for treats? When I find one — now that’s excitement!) But I was really excited to hear these kids say they were proud of themselves. They should be! All kids need more opportunities to be proud of themselves in positive way.

How did the winners use their iTunes gift cards? Paola gave her gift card to her mother for Mother’s Day. Charley plans to buy apps, but he isn’t sure which ones yet. And Timmy bought rock music!

So, did the kids at Alpha enjoy learning about poetry? From what I hear, they think poetry is calming, and not as hard as it looks!

And I also hear the kids had great things to say about me. In fact, Paola said I was “really cool,” mostly because I don’t sweat like the short-haired dog that her dad bought her. But, I don’t think Mr. Glover is willing to trade. I’m okay with that.

I did complain that there was no poem about me chasing a computerized cat, so I wrote my own. Here it is.

Chasing Cats
By Riley, the Dog

I’m chasing cats on the computer machine
N hunting them down’s a fun routine
But at the end of the day
I go outside to play
While the cat is still stuck in the screen

Congratulations everyone! Glad you enjoyed the contest. Let’s do it again next April during National Poetry Month. And remember – dogs like hugs and treats!

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