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Posted by on May 8, 2020 in ACE Learning Center, ACE School Report, Continuing Education | 0 comments

ACE Poetry Contest Winners from Alpha: José Hernández Explore Spring in Quarantine

By Riley, ACE Poetry Contest Mascot

I’m running around in circles ➿➿➿ ‘cause we have a haiku poem in the winning group of ACE Poetry Contest poems from Alpha: José Hernández. Haiku is one of my favorites, but the other poems are great too. Arf, arf, after reading these poems, you get insight into how tough this quarantine is for everyone, but in a thoughtful way. Plus, now I want to go fishing. Hey, John and Lucy – put that on your list please.

Arf, arf, let’s spring into the winning poems.

First Place

By Stephen Alcocer, 7th Grade

Sun behind windows
A longing sigh for the breeze
Spring in Quarantine


Second Place

Turning Point
By Victoria Neri, 8th Grade

From all days of fun, what has this become
For we’re stuck inside with some of our pride, thinking
Thinking how has this become, and when it’s to end
Thinking how it’s taking lives of many who tried
Those who have tried may have died from this cursed thing
Taking the young from their fun
Breaking the old from what they’ve done
The things they’ve always loved and always done through life
The loved ones whom are far you can only see from 6ft apart
It doesn’t dare care about whom we are
It only takes
It’s take the jobs which has caused some to sob
The worry has spread to who is sick and may be dead
No goodbye, but only people who cry
Those who die, die alone
Some follow, while others don’t
Many things have risen, but that’s life


Third Place

Take Me Fishing
By Genesis Perez, 6th Grade

Take me fishing, morning or evening I’d rather be fishing, the rest can all wait.
I went down to the river and caught a little fish which made me really happy because
I wanted the fish.
My sister doesn’t like going fishing. Morning or evening she rather be sleeping. I went to
her room and saw her sleeping which made me very happy because she didn’t annoy
me while I was preparing for fishing.
Once again take me fishing
Please take me,

More winning poems will be shared next week so stay tuned. Everyone: have a safe and fun weekend. Remember – six feet apart, even if you’re fishing. (I hate that too because I love my pets from Lucy.) But hopefully you can treat yourself to a poem.


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