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ACE Poetry Contest Winners from Oxford Day Academy Stand Bold

By Riley, ACE Poetry Contest Mascot

This is what I love about poetry – the examination of the heart and soul, and from that the realization of a personal truth. These are three great poets from Oxford Day Academy that won the ACE Poetry Contest because they dug deep and found their truths.

Think I’m getting too deep cause I’m a dog? We dogs are deep. Just look into our eyes and you’ll see our truth. Okay, mostly it’s excitement because we’re know if we’re really cute we’re rewarded with a treat or a pet. But deep down we know that the best life is being by our owner’s side.

Here are the winners – a Special Mention winner too. Arf, arf – plus videos.

First Prize
Jay Lauese, Grade 11

Incapacitated Babble Freedom of speech is a myth now-a-days When you hate on the drip, you get whipped back in place They pray to “say what you think,” which I think’s just a phrase ‘Cause when I answer their questions, they think to switch lanes, which makes me feel way more reluctant, not knowing what to say My thoughts rejected, downright disrespected directly to my face Just ’cause we disagree, doesn’t mean anything Supposed to respect both points-of-view, as basic human beings Unless it’s upsetting, then respect their emotions – nah, I’m just kidding Never worryin’ about feelings, facts handle business – ideals fulfilling That should be my goal, but with these limitations, I’m growing quite cold So until I fold, I’ma keep my feet planted, standing bold


Second Prize
Chyanne Robinson, Grade 11

The Reason

What was the reason?

Yeah I got the same question
Why my head hangs low
Or how I can’t stand the thought of being different
Welp is this word suppose to be help? there is no change in the way things go
No range of the anger that has yet to explode

I keep asking myself ,“why do you contain this?”
Look ahead, real closely
Every single moment ain’t granted for one’s like me
Cause we’re looked at as crude.

Want to keep me in a box
Like I’m a mime of such sort
Going downstairs, though there not there
Leaving you clueless as to why I’m not there
Won’t accept these crooked ways
This is me and my rights…can’t even speak…what a shame.

Leave me down
Knee deep into a shoulder
With no sight but the pavement.
You left em there
Kept em swaying
Spit your lies, but there’s a fire beyond them round eyes.

Back again with the reason
To why I hang onto my history?
Is the same reason of these boarders;
To keep us contained…“in our lane”.
Feels like uno, draw the strap, reverse the curse to where you see me then clutch your purse.
Draw 4…skip that speak no facts just cap,
Here I am in this game, but this is one I didn’t sign up to play


Third Prize

Daniella Madriz – Grade 9

Mami estoy triste como una rosa pérdida como un corazón, quiero amanecer en tus brazos, dormir en tu corazón, cada día quiero despertar y que me des un apapacho en el corazón. Me siento tan decepcionada y estoy perdida en mi interior, no encuentro la salida y no se donde estoy, yo te grito dentro, pero no te encuentro, te siento dentro de mi interior. Mami encuéntrame pronto por que me estoy muriendo sin tu amor.

Mommy, I am sad as a rose, lost in my heart. I want to wake up in your arms, sleep in your heart every day. I want to wake up and embrace my heart. I feel so disappointed and I am lost inside, I can’t find a way out and I don’t know where I am. I scream inside for you, but I can’t find you, I can feel you inside. Mommy find me soon because I’m dying without your love.

Daniella Madriz

Sometimes ya need a Special Mention ‘cause a poem is just too good to keep quiet.

Special Mention

Kimberly Barillas, Grade 11


we are all in fear
but we hope for the best for you and your family
don’t come near us though
but i hope all is well
take care
you are instructed to stay at home

attend your classes
participate and be prepared
have you checked your email?
complete your assignments
the deadline has been extended
you are instructed to stay home

do you have a computer?
do you need wifi?
do you need a tutor?
technology is all we know right now
it’s all we should have ever known
you are instructed to stay home

did you find any water?
what about toilet paper?
we need hand sanitizer!
we need face masks!
did you wash your hands?
you are instructed to stay home

we will transition to online classes
it’s a new way of life
so adapt
why aren’t you adapting?
you’re supposed to use your electronic devices
you are instructed to stay home

i’ve trapped you
made you mine
you rely on me now
i’m your only way out
are you scared yet?
you are instructed to stay home


Great poems from the talented Oxford Day Academy poets. More poems to come, so treat yourself to a poem today.

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