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Alpha: Blanca Alvarado Middle School Announces ACE Poetry Contest Winners

By Guest Blogger Riley, ACE Poetry Contest Mascot, Hanging Out at Alpha Public Schools

And the winners are (left to right) Marisol Osorio, Cindy Tran and Arianna Aguilar.

And the winners are (left to right) Marisol Osorio, Cindy Tran and Arianna Aguilar.

“Love poetry, love life,” says Marisol Osorio, the first place winner of the ACE Poetry Contest. Hooowwwllling good! That’s me too, except that I would add “Love treats!” But I’m a dog and I have to add that.

The first winners from the Alpha Public Schools have been chosen and the students loved getting their prizes. One said it felt like Christmas, which is cool. That holiday is a time of giving, and the students gave us great poetry and ACE gave them awards. Winners everywhere. And more to come from the other Alpha Public Schools. Stay tuned.

So here are the winners from Alpha: Blanca Alvarado Middle School.



By Marisol Osorio, Eight Grade

Technology, death of humanity
It’s poison within all our daily lives
Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Musicly
Cutting us apart with the sharpest of knives

How great was it all in the beginning?
It brought us beyond the stars, to the moon
When terror struck, all we thought was winning
And it was then when we sealed out doom

We ignore each other, and we’re standing right there
Walk straight off a cliff, we wouldn’t know it
It’s cellphones, laptops, devices beware
Because one day we’ll surely pay for it

Just think today while you’re all soft and snug
That outside is better, so try and unplug

Note about Mariso – Her real joy is photography (she can take photos of me for next year’s contest!) School is a top priority right now because she wants to get into Stanford. Arf!


Learning Technology

By Cindy Tran, Eight Grade

Biology zoology
From our TV to our digital screens.
To the media and the latest dreams.
From the drones to our motive to stay at home.
Can’t you see what society has become?
From the latest trends to followers
To social trends and collaborators
Although it has its goods and bads
Technology is all we’ve had.

It is the new era of humanity’s development
It has opened new doors to knowledge & bright futures
Communication. Education. Inventions.
Technology is why we can watch videos,
From the comfort of our own home.
It is why we can express our laziness.
Why we have Amazon Shipping, and
Why we can see face to face through a screen
From ebooks and audiobooks and documentaries
Technology has made us evolve and change
Our society, technology is apparently helping
All people worldwide

Technology, ‘tis why we can learn with ease
Like ebooks, audiobooks to videos.
Like we’ve all heard, the options are infinite.
Who knows what waits for us in the future?
‘Tis the global change for humanity’s development.

I so want to be an anime dog! My name would be Treats 'cause that's the word that captures my attention best.

I so want to be an anime dog! My name would be Treats ’cause that’s the word that captures my attention best.

Note about Cindy – she’s an otaku anime girl. Anime is my favorite too because the dogs are so cute and cool. From Ein the “data dog” of the Bebop crew, to Riza’s Black Hayate, these dogs are loyal to their masters, like me. Hear that John! (I know that’s going to earn me a treat.) Arf! Arf!









The “Perfect” Person

By Arianna Aguilar, Sixth Grade

It is an amazing thing but hurts so many;
Technology is one of the best things ever invented
But some people use it to say bad things about each other;
Some people just take the hating too far;
Some people don’t worry about other people’s feelings;

Some people want to be like that person on the cover of the magazine,
Some of those people almost die trying to look like the people on the cover;
Some people are the people that tell other people that they have to look like that;
But why?
Why do people have to do that?
Don’t listen they are talking nonsense;
If you do listen then you are going to become what they think you are

Some people don’t know the definition of perfect;
But the truth is nobody is perfect not even the person on the magazine cover
Everybody has flaws and everybody makes mistakes
Some say that perfect is skinny or strong
But one day you will learn that the reality is that
Absolutely no one on the face of the Earth is “perfect”

One day you will open your eyes and see that inside,
You are incredible and awesome;
One day you will see your true self and not care
What the front cover of the magazine looks like
One day the world will not care what you look like
Only about how big your heart is
But always remember that the heart and what is
On the inside is the most important part of the person

Note about Arianna: She likes every subject, but math and poetry are faves. I bet she would like to write poetry with Louis of One Direction. As he wrote on their new album, “If you like doing whatever you’ve been dreaming about, baby you’re perfect.” Dream on Arianna! Arf! Arf! Arf!

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