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Alpha: Cindy Avitia High School ACE Poetry Winners Announced

By Guest Blogger Riley, ACE Poetry Contest Mascot, Hanging Out at Alpha Public Schools

It’s been said that I will do anything for a treat. The way I look at it, my friends will do anything to make me do something cute, including giving me treats. I’m always cute, so I get lots of treats. A win-win.

"Poetry Rocks" says Amber Urbina. So does Alpha says Andrea Gonzales, the ACE Poetry Contest winners.

“Poetry Rocks” says Amber Urbina. So does Alpha says Andrea Gonzales, the ACE Poetry Contest winners.

But the treats for today are the winning ACE Poetry Contest poems from the girl group of poets at Alpha: Cindy Avitia High School. These poets are very cool, and they’re hanging in front of the Alpha Leadership Wall. Some of the great leaders of the world were poets or loved poetry. These two are gonna be leaders.



The winners are:


By Andrea Gonzales


The Bad:
Technology, isn’t it funny?
How we think it’s all games, but they’re in it for the money. Made to trick us, fool us to believe their lie
They cover it up, “It’s not on you who we spy!”

It injures people, like you and like me
Yet while that tiny rush of dopamine
Doesn’t seem worthwhile when you realize
That you’re slowly, but surely becoming hypnotized. You wake up, check your phone
It’s inevitable we’re all prone.

I’m pretty sure if we asked anyone
The direction from where came the sun
We would get a total correct answer of none

It’s too late to stop
Technology has made it, on our prioritizes its top.

The Good:
Technology, isn’t it funny?
That it makes our days just a bit more sunny. We can talk to people all over the world
And makes us feel just a bit more whole

Socially awkward people now have someone to talk to And it gives us the courage to say the words “I love you” It’s
gotten so many people together
It seems to have given nothing but pleasure!

It makes it easier for children to learn
And as it becomes cheaper, the greater the earn
It helps with fundraisers, the good causes get money
And we can do things from home when the weather is runny.

Technology is good, but of course in moderation
Because too much power online can destroy more than one nation.


Take the Key to Success
By Amber Urbina,

The universe evolves like a spinning top. But what holds in it?
Look through the windows
The keys that our fingers touch,

To create our the output of what the input is
Got any tech you might say?
Will it blow your mind away,
How we use it for purposes that have different meanings. It’s a choice that we have to pick from

It’s possibility we might prohibit but.. It’s impossible
an addiction that lives through us
Like the time we keep our eyes on them But is there a change?

No water being clear
like the atmosphere sheet
We might not see but still yet realize
How the number of texts,emails,posts
Are counted as the number of beats in our heart.

See you at next year's ACE Poetry Contest.

See you at next year’s ACE Poetry Contest. Oh, I need a treat!

And that’s a wrap for the 2016 version of the ACE Poetry Contest. Hope everyone enjoyed the poems and writing poetry. I did. See you next year.

Treat yourself to a poem! Or some pork jerky. Or Nutella. Or popcorn. Or a piece of bread that fell from your sandwich. Oh, it goes on and on….

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