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Arf, Arf – More Winning Poems and Poets from Alpha Public Schools

By Riley, ACE Poetry Contest Mascot, helped by Martha who did a lot of poem typing this time. But she’s cool.

Loving these poems.

We’re finishing up Alpha Cornerstone Academy’s contests, this time the 5th and 7th grade contests. Our winners explored the emotions and the pressures from this past school year, and they are smart, great poems. Martha insisted that even the poem about flowers is about the strength it took to handle this last year because of the last part: It’s up to you to wait for the flowers to bloom again.

Congratulations to the winners. You are awesome. And we look forward to announcing the next set of winners from the Alpha Public Schools. Stay tuned.

5th Grade Contest

First Place – Yaritza Zamora Carrillo

Darkness Brought Me Into a Light

Looking at the screen waiting for my class to start
I feel my face getting warm, and the racing of my heart
Will I understand what we are going to learn today
Or will I fall behind
These types of things make me anxious
They continue to stay in my mind
I know it is not only me who feels this way
I see my sister and friends go through it everyday
Anxiety is something of the mind that you can’t control
When things get rough, it’s something that you hold
To let go is something that would be difficult to do
Because after all, this anxiety was here for you
It was here for you so now that’s all you know
“Just let go” is something that people say to me
But if I do that, what will there be?
So many voices running through my head
“Yaritza do this, do that”
But at the end of the day, it helps me face the facts
It helps me face whether I did good or bad in school
“In life sometimes you have to put the fun on pause
And finish school for a good cause”
If you know deep down in your heart that you tried your
Best that is okay
Because no matter what you will always be like blooming
Flowers in a bouquet!
Now I realize anxiety was not a part of me
It was the cause of me breaking down
But it has now brought me back to the healthy well-being I am now
Let it be clear that you are not alone
Anxiety so many people
It shakes them to the bone
But don’t be afraid to let go
Cause if you let go of your anxiety you can reach your goal
Anxiety can control you in so many different ways
But don’t let it be the reason that ruins your days


Second Place: Andy Mac


They grow late in winter
They are most noticeable when blooming in spring, where
everything is filled with energy. Japan is one place to start.

In summer their power can give off a large food bank for butterflies
and bees and other insects, and just fun for us (and allergies).
Many can frolic in the flowers, but they let the bees have lunch first.
Butterflies are the ones who frolic with the people, mainly children.

And by fall, they go home and hide, like children when summer
break approaches.
They stay in their homes, letting wishes to make time execute faster
fill, like players in a popular game.

But at the time of winter and frost, no one will be at the door to
open it.
It’s up to you to wait.
For the flowers to bloom again.


Third Place: Celia Do

School or on Zoom

Learn on zoom or go into the classroom, i can’t choose
Learning on zoom is kinda hard
I wake up in the morning and brush my teeth
I put on clean clothes, hoping class hasn’t started
Learn on zoom or go into the classroom, i can’t choose

Learning in the classroom is kinda hard
I wake up in the morning and take a quick shower
My teeth get brushed and i rush to the door
I walk up to Ms. Dickle; knowing she has all the power
I walk into the school floor and into my classroom i go
Learn on zoom or go into the classroom, i can’t choose

Learning on zoom is kinda fun
No need for papercuts my assignments are online
I don’t need to grab anything, so no need to run!
Lunch is never late, it’s always on time
Learn on zoom or go into the classroom, i can’t choose

Learning in the classroom is kinda fun
At recess i run to the monkey bars
Talking to my friends is really fun
Learning isn’t really that bad
Learn on zoom or go into the classroom, i can’t choose

Learn on zoom or go into the classroom, i know what to choose
I like both zoom and going to the classroom
But it’s time i’ve made my decision
I’ve looked around and i have a vision
I know what to do, and i know you do too


7th Grade Contest

First Place: Thomas Tu

It’s been a year now since this so-called pandemic started.
Doors closed,
Masks on,
Panic ensued.
2020 was going to be our year?
Race, ethnicity obstructed.
George Floyd
And BLM.
And uneasiness settled in.
Headlines bombarded with grotesque,
And violence.
It feels like a world…returned to zero.
Loneliness and dread,
Gnawing at my skin.
I never felt so
Torn up,
Although becoming.
I met new people,
Friends keeping me company.
Family holding my shoulder,
Tightened their grip,
Told me that I still
Had love around me.
I don’t know about you,
But I’m tired.
I’m just going to sleep.


Second Place: Maria Zuniga

Explaining Teen Depression:

One day my problems are as big as a fly
In the palm of a bear
Next it is the bear.

I sit and wait for the bear to leave
But the longer i wait the hungrier it becomes
When it finds me
It tears my hope and faith apart

No one knows how i feel
When they ask i shut them down
With “i’m fine” or “don’t worry”

Today was really a struggle
The bear had grown ten times bigger
Now it uses my mind as a toy

Tossing and turning it
Making me feel unsafe, uneasy
Worried, and overwhelmed
A volcano
Ready to explode with all of these emotion

That day a girl came up to me
“Are you okay”
Couldn’t find it in me to smile

She looked me in the eyes
Her gaze had pierced through the mask
That shields me from the world

Holding back my words
Tears threatening to fall
My heart felt as if it was
Going to burst out of my chest

Until finally she spoke up saying
“It’s okay, you can cry”
And those words instantly broke me

Tears race down my face
Without out warning
She embraces me

This was the day
The day someone finds me vulnerable
I couldn’t hide my emotions anymore
I was broken and i had to accept it


Third Place: Christine Le

This is how I’ll Live

A baby at first
A toddler the next
Then a kid is born
And they could make such a wreck.
But still lovable,
And so sweet
Until the day,
They turn thirteen.

Soon puberty hits
Mood swings fly by
The teen grows more,
And their hearts start to cry

I’m talking for the child,
Not the parents.
For their perspective,
I do not know
But soon I will
Because we’ll always continue to grow.

Months of learning,
Years of fun and pain
Is it all over now?
No, we’re still being tugged by a chain.

And being an adult is here.
But having to work for the rest of your life,
Is my biggest fear.

Even with all these chains,
Pulling me,
I want to think positively and live freely
I’ll work if I have to
And I’ll study to survive
I’ll live up to have experiences
Until the day I die.

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