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Posted by on May 7, 2020 in ACE Learning Center, ACE School Report, Continuing Education | 0 comments

Heroes Beat the Corona Beast in ACE Poetry Contest Winner’s Poem from Oakland International High School

By Riley, ACE Poetry Contest Mascot

There are all kinds of beasts out there (I know, ‘cause I’m a dog) and this poem identifies our current Big Beast – the coronavirus. While we students may be sick of distance learning and interfacing with friends and teachers just on a screen, there are others who are really sick out there. Unfortunately, some never fully recover and have major health issues or end up . . . oh, I can’t even say it.

But here’s a poem about the heroes and how they shine through to beat the beast with a vaccine and this pandemic becomes history. It’s the winner of the ACE Poetry Contest from Oakland International High School (OIHS.)

The Beast
By Noor Allataifih, 9th Grade, Oakland International High School

Dear children, come here
I urge you not to fear
As I tell you the story of a beast
Who looked day and night for a feast

He came when I was only a teen
Forced us all into quarantine

We were informed to stay home
Not even to school can we go
Yet some would still roam
Then become the beast’s foe

Slowly some noticed symptoms
Soon after, they became victims
Our lives were in danger
Because of this stranger

Not all hope was lost
However, some lives were the cost
The whole world would pray
For this unwelcome visitor to go away
But it seemed that he was there to stay

During these times,
The true heroes shone through
As the beast commit crimes
In the shape of a flu

Slowly but surely
The beast grew weak
As our heroes protected the world securely
An antidote they would seek

After a while, the beast’s signs were cleared
We looked carefully, but there weren’t any
Suddenly, he had disappeared
After taking so many

People searched far and near
But there was nothing else to fear
The beast, corona, was gone
And everyone moved on

As I said, my dear youngsters
There is not need to panic
For there is no longer such monsters
This was a long-gone pandemic

Congratulations Noor. A great poem full of much needed hope.

Here’s a bark-out to our friend Laurenarf, arf. I want you to get better because I need pets and hugs from you. Plus, OIHS needs you.

More poems to come so you can treat yourself to a poem.

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