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Posted by on Feb 24, 2014 in ACE Learning Center, Continuing Education | 0 comments

KALW Audio Academy Students Gear Up for a Second Semester of Producing Stories

By Martha Sessums

The first year students, or fellows, of the KALW Audio Academy have already created a strong collection of stories that have been aired. Like Olympic athletics rushing to the finish line, the second semester will inspire them to continue to deliver community stories that express the spirit of people from all parts of the Bay Area in a compelling and journalistically professional way.

“WOW, what a year, and we are only half way through it,” said Holly Kernan, KALW News Director. “And they’re just gearing up for a major production semester.”

Below are links to the first year student’s stories – Todd, Jasmin, Liz, Rhian, David, Rachel, Jeremy and Charlotte. They range in topics from a one room school house in Marin, to selling guns, to gay issues of housing and health, to watching for falcons to

Mr. T munches on lettuce. He actually lives at my mom's house in Southern California, but I suspect meal time is the same for any desert tortoise.

hiring ex-convicts to the lizards, snakes, pythons and tortoises living in the area, and more.

What makes these narratives work is that they are created by reporters who are being taught by the best professionals at KALW, resulting in a team that has a passion for telling great audio stories. It is not easy work. Look at the syllabus on the ACE Learning Centers page and the depth of curriculum is evident. Listen to the stories below. They are evidence that the commitment to quality teaching of audio journalism is clear-cut because the fellow’s reporting is high class. I look forward to the stories created in the second semester.

Todd’s stories:

Hello Oaklandish

Jasmin’s stories:

Gun Owners Trade Firearms for CashNeighborhood Postcard: SunsetAudiograph: Grand National RodeoCrime Victims Find HealingLiving with HIV as a SeniorReporter’s Notebook: My Uncle’s Battle with HIV

Liz’s stories:

From AIDS to Housing Crisis

Rhian’s stories:

Marin County’s One Room Schoolhouse

David’s stories:

A Class for Dancers with Big Dreams and Leg WarmersAudiograph: Green Gulch Zen Center

Rachel’s stories:

The Many Translations of Day of the DeadSlithering Through a Reptile’s World at the East Bay VivariumA Nepali Soup Kitchen for the Soul

Jeremy’s stories:

Searching for the Peregrine FalconAn Afternoon with the Bard in Golden Gate Park

Charlotte’s stories:

Bay Area Cities Expand Employment Protections for Ex-ConvictsMaking a home for bees by the freeway

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