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Posted by on Sep 1, 2014 in ACE Learning Center, ACE Partners, ACE School Report, Continuing Education | 1 comment

La Rentrée for ACE Learning Centers – An Update

By Martha Sessums

On Tuesday, September 2, all students in France return to school. Called “La Rentrée,” it also signals the end of the traditional August vacation month for everyone who works. Life returns to its work day/school day patterns.

"La Rentrée," or Back to School Day for everyone in France, is Tuesday, September 2.

In our Bay Area, schools start at different weeks, and by now everyone has started their school term. Our La Rentrée may be staggered, but everyone gets there.

This school year, ACE has expanded its partnerships with schools that host ACE Learning Centers. They have been very successful, and are growing their offerings and student participation. ACE also has a new partnership with Alpha Public Schools, creating a Continuing Education Parent Center.

For the third year, the Oakland International High School (OIHS) ACE Learning Center supports immigrant and refugee parents and 5th Year students. Last school term, 68 students (parents, adult family members and students) from 18 countries attended English language classes. (Some of the attendees were pre-literate in both their native language and English.) In addition, 24 students attended the computer classes, learning how to use a computer.

Building on this success, OIHS will serve about 81 students this term. Some will be in 5th Year studies so they can graduate the CAHSEE, including ESL, college and career counseling and a literacy class to prepare them for college level reading and writing. Others will participate in an internship program that helps them prepare for a career. There is also a new class offered with TV station KDOL in Oakland where students can learn the art of video production. New this year is a Teacher Growth and Development System where OIHS teachers will receive special training to improve their practice.

San Francisco International High School starts their second year as an ACE Learning Center after a very successful initial program of 5th Year CAHSEE preparation. This term’s schedule will be comprised of three strands. Prevention will support students who have had their education interrupted, and will tackle culturally relevant curriculum that draws on students’ interests, passions and backgrounds. Spark will focus on language development, CAHSEE preparation and community college enrollment. Span will support high-risk graduates through their first year of college. There will also be a new ACE Lending Library where students have access to college textbooks for free.

ACE provides Rosetta Stone American English curriculum to both Oakland and San Francisco High Schools for the student and parent ESL classes.

Once again, the KALW Audio Academy will provide an intensive 10-month radio journalism-training program. Last year’s graduates have gone on to successful placements at local San Francisco public radio station KALW and other radio stations. This year’s class of 10 students will learn the art and craft of telling stories via sound. We look forward to hearing those stories.

The newest ACE Learning Center is at Alpha Public Schools. Called the Association for Continuing Education Parent Center, its goal is to provide parents the space and resources they need to build a powerful community of families, a place to access stability services and opportunities to grow and become leaders. Classes will include English proficiency, technology skills and leadership programs. ACE will also provide curriculum via Rosetta Stone American English.

Stay tuned to hear more about the new Association for Continuing Education Parent Center, along with updates on students and parents who learn new skills and succeed using the resources of ACE Learning Centers.

Viva La Rentrée!

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  1. Looking forward to interesting project from this year’s student!

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