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More Winning Poems and Poets from Cindy Avitia High School

By Riley, ACE Poetry Contest Mascot, who’s rarely insecure ‘cause he’s seen it all, assisted by Martha, who has seen a lot too, but she understands the need to touch the sky

These winning ACE Poetry Contest poets from Cindy Avitia High School have experienced a lot in this crazy 2020/2021 school year, and these poems reflect their experiences. Arf – insecurities. Arf – learning how to feel okay. Arf – being ready. Arf –needing to walk when you want to run.

There’s a lot of poetic wisdom here. Congratulations 10th, 11th and 12th grade poets. You have a poetic – and fabulous – future.

Yes, there are more ACE Poetry Winners from Alpha Public Schools. Stay tuned. Arf, arf.


10th Grade Contest

First Place: Josie White

“Shattered Reflection”

My body
Who am I? What am I? A temple that is split.
A physical vessel that allows me to interact in the world as I know it.
An identity still so much unknown, words said that cannot be attoned.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder
I am blinded by the lies that create this bolder.
Words of encouragement and advice given to others that I can’t say to myself in the mirror.
When will there be security for my insecurities.

To be vulnerable, to be a statue
A failed masterpiece, no one can see my virtues
Told from the beginning of existence, the eye will out way a decision of whom you are
I’ve tried my best to build bridges, however they seem to just observe from afar
Through the sliver, through the water am I able to view my mound of flesh and bones
The blues rythymed from the saxophone

Half of my creators admire the art they’ve created as the others observe me as a way to trade for a golden spoon
The power and strength to see the light at the end of the tunnel
I hope to channel in soon

Being made out of light, rapidly being dimmed by the black hole that is my home
Either shrouded in fear or in consumed by curiosity of the unknown
Held in potential, the losing of strength and any power left
I am unable to blossom, spread my wings, as my heart has been cleft.

The calm waters never seem to touch the sky
I am able to touch the stone as it’s becoming more challenging to see any glitters of light.
As a candle blown out, it’s flame pinched to it’s spite.
Fainted in darkness I become.

My body
I feel the sun rise
Gold fossiled at the deep blue ocean
I reach the horizon


Second Place: Montserrat Saavedra

Most Days, I’m Not Okay

Most days, I’m not okay
I lay awake in the place where I most love and hate
Contemplating on what I could have changed
Then the clock strikes eight and I wait
I wait to see if it’s real
It can’t be
But I can feel the morning breeze
And so that’s my cue and I follow routine
I stare into a screen, work, and repeat
It’s days like this, I’m not okay
But time goes on although my mind’s astray
And I no longer feel the same
I don’t know why, but I turned to glance
And outside the window was a world filled with chance
Suddenly it didn’t seem gray and gloomy as before
There was sun and trees with the most vibrant of colours outdoor
I’ve always disregarded the view and focused on tasks that now seem small
The same tasks that always led me to fall
But now I see
That there’s a world waiting for me
So on the days that I must follow routine
I now know it’ll be fine
Because even though most days, I’m not okay
I’ve learnt that it’s fine for me to feel this way


Third Place: Augustin Ponce


this poem is special so what do i write about
will someone else read it or shall i recite aloud
i need to write something so i’ll be proud
i need to write something that would lure a crowd
“why must this be difficult” on the inside i shout
is this good enough for me to win?
or does this belong in a can of tin?
maybe if i rhyme things with orange?
or should i write things that’d fly off the door hinge
would i win then? would they even see me?
or will i get famous and end up on tv
you see the important thing is that i try
and maybe some day i’ll touch the sky
but till then on the inside i cry


11th and 12th Grade Contest

First Place: Katie Le

Existential Tread

I’m up thinking, contemplating my life.
About how it intertwines with the world, the purpose of mine.
How do I know I’m at the right place, at the right time?

So I go fast, fast to figure out the complexities of myself.
But I want to walk.

I’m up thinking, swimming through the mental abyss.
Is that the beauty of an active mind?
I’m distressed, mind a clutter, a mess.
The layers pile on more and more though I imagined it would dwindle with time.

The distance oscillates between miles and millimeters, forcing me to stop and accelerate abruptly.
This existential dread pressures me to quicken my pace;
I’m out of breath, gasping for a hold.

The moment I take smaller steps, my lungs fill with oxygen, my eyes clear.
To surpass the burden, the dread, and take on the little bits,
embrace the existential tread.


Second Place: Gisela Villavicencio

My First Solo

Nervous and scared.
Pretty and made up.
When I went up on the stage, my color went away
But in listening to the song
My body turned on and my fear was gone.
I looked up and people were clapping for me
With my smile and my head held high.
My pride in being a dancer and having Mexican roots

It was a beautiful experience
Like a rose
That I would not change it for something else.

Mi Primer Solo

Nerviosa y asustada.
Bonita y maquillada.
Al subir el escenario se me fue mi color
Pero en escuchar la canción
Mi cuerpo enciendo y se me quito el miedo.
Mire hacia arriba y la gente me aplaudía
Con mi sonrisa y mi frente en alto.
Mi orgullo de ser bailarina y tener raíces mexicanas

Fue una experiencia hermosa
Como una rosa
Que no la cambiaría por otra cosa.


Third Place: Marielena Vargas


Every minute someone leaves this world behind…
We are all in “the line” without knowing it…
We never know how many people are before us…
We can not move to the back of the line…
We can not step out of line…
We can not avoid the line…
So while we wait in line:
Make moments count
Make priorities
Make the time
Make your gifts known
Make a nobody feel like a somebody
Make your voice heard
Make the small things big
Make someone smile
Make the change
Make love
Make up
Make peace
Make sure to tell your people they are loved
Make sure to have no regrets
Make sure you are ready

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