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More Winning Poems from Alpha Public School’s Blanca Alvarado

By Riley, ACE Poetry Contest Mascot and massive tail wager for poetry, assisted by who? Oh, yes, Martha. She types.

Riley here. These poems are about our world.

Today we have the 6th Grade, 7th Grade and 8th Grade ACE Poetry Contest winners from Blanca Alvarado. These are great poems that create amazing and lovely worlds, observe and comment on the world’s issues, and one is even kinda grumpy about poetry. But the poet won a poetry contest, so we sure showed her how great poetry can be.

Next week is full of more winners from Alpha Public Schools, and I hear San Francisco International High School (SFIHS) is going to have their Poetry Slam on Monday where the winning poems and poets will be chosen. Max, the SFIHS Legend and ACE Poetry Contest Mascot will be announcing the winners soon.

Congratulations to the winning Alpha: Blanca Alvarado poets and here are their poems. Arf, arf, arf. Enjoy.

6th Grade Contest

First Place: Joy Ngo

Have you ever had the feeling of
Being a husk in the wind,
Where everything you do feel like sin,
Feeling constant pain in every dimension
Waiting for any sort of direction
I’ve started crying when there’s no reason for tears,
I’m in panic when there’s nothing to fear
It hurts inside when nothing has happened
And I don’t want to wake up in a world
Where they call murder an “accident”
I laugh in pain as tears stroll down my face
But I sit in wonder as they leave no trace
This world is a pain to deal with
Right now I’m just counting down until my last breath
We pass the days as doom draws near,
Our emotions becoming what we fear
I’m stuck in a void of loneliness and suffering
Longing for a feeling of assurance
Trying to have a taste of sureness
This world is slowly falling apart
But what can we do?
This question aches my heart
But I know what I need to do.
The better question is: do you?


Second Place: Moses Lopez

Thud,thud,thud. . .
I could feel so many footsteps
It is getting so heavy
Ready, Ready.
Take off on our way to Honduras
Everyone put your seatbelts on when we are about to land.
Screech! Rubber flying
Everyone waits to be called to get off. . .
Finally, I get to go rest at my hanger.


Third Place: Kenny Nguyen

Here Where the World is Quiet

I’m in a place
with purple grass
and a couple of
orange and green trees.
This is where the world is quiet.

There are crickets chirping
and birds flying
worms digging and
butterflies gliding.
This is where the world is quiet.

The night sky is beautiful
and the stars are shining,
in the distance is one singular house,
one that I call home.
This is where the world is quiet.


7th Grade Contest


First Place: Emmanuel Vazquez


Box, you keep the memories and pictures
from another world
Box, you keep the hopes and dreams
and the failures too
Yet, you sit her confined to a wooden
prison filled with emptiness and cobwebs
Hoping to be taken to more adventures
to LA or New York, but you have worn
Some rips and tears on your cardboard skin
You’re slowly forgotten, full yet, somewhat empty,
and feeling overwhelmed, by the silence of your prison
So you try to remember when you were
younger, when you were several layers of thick
paper, firm and rigid
But you’re still Alone and frightened that
you been abandoned with all the memories
and the secrets in the dark and cold attic
alone and afraid…Forever


Second Place: Khanhlinh Tran

I have the right to dream
I have the right to protected
I have the right to respected
I have the right to loved
I have the right to be fair
I’m not a bad guy
I never harmed anyone
I also do nothing to affect your life
Why do you stigmatize me?
Just because of the color of my skin
Or because I’m Asian
I am like many people
I also have my own feelings
I also know happiness and sadness
I also know to loved
I just wanted to be your friends
I wanted to live in peace with you
So why don’t you want to be friends with me?
Our Asian skin color
Is the color of our ancestors’ skin
Just like your skin color
Is also the color of your ancestors
So please do not be racist in terms of my skin color or human origin
Let’s make friends and live peacefully together
And create close relationships with each other
So that our next generations will follow
And they will continue to maintain this fine tradition forever after.


Third Place: Nataly Saldivar

My Grandfather

My grandfather is a smart man,
He taught me many things,
How to ride horses,
How to go deep when I sing.

He has much wisdom,
He had just one dog,
Its name was Star,
She played hard.

He will always be my hero,
And always be my friend,
He is way more than a grandfather
He’s someone whom I can depend.


8th Grade Contest

First Place: Natalia Salas


I was drowning.
Fighting for air,
My air was replaced with water as it filled my lungs.
I couldn’t fight it,
Something was bringing me down.
I tried to float, but I sank down,
I tried to breathe, but I always choked.
There was no escape.

That was until you came for me.

You helped me cut loose.
You taught me how to swim,
You taught me how to fight,
You taught me I could breathe,
You gave me life and purpose.

And then you changed your mind.

Was I not brave enough?
Was I not smart enough?
Was I too much for you?
Did I love you too much?
Did I care for you too much?
Did I hurt or scare you?

Why were you so afraid?

Afraid of change
Afraid of us
Afraid of how we felt
Afraid of distance
Afraid of my happiness
Afraid of letting me love you.

You left me.

Now i’m drowning.
Fighting for air,
Fighting to swim,
You keep me from breathing,
You keep me from floating,
And there is no escape.

I could never forget you.

Your words bring me down like an anchor,
Your touch paralyzes me,
I’m crying for help but there’s no escape.
No one can see me,
No one can hear me,
And you won’t save me from drowning,

But still… I love you.


Second Place: Miranda Lopez

For Her

I know how much you wished,
That someone who truly loved you,
Was there for you, instead of hurting you.

I know how much he hurt you,
I know that he’s the reason that your afraid,
To love someone.

I know how scared you are,
About messing up and hurting,
That person who loves you truly.

I know how you often wonder,
If those events with him will,
Repeat themselves.

I know a lot but one thing I truly know,
Is that I would never hurt you the way he did,
For only I know how much I truly love and care for you.

I will always protect you I promise,
And if there’s ever a day you feel unsure,
Well I am ready to reassure you.

Cause you mean a lot to me,
Your like my summer in a winter day,
My joy in my saddest moments.

I wrote this for you to show you,
How much affection I have towards you,
The real amount will truly remain a mystery.

For my amount of love towards you,
Can never be described by all the words,
In the english language.

But everyday I shall give you,
The same 3 words “I love you.”

Hoping it’ll help convey my message,
And finally finding the one I call my own.


Third Place: Lucia Chavez

Why I hate poem’s

Poems sometimes have to rhyme
They sometimes take my time
The patience I have is shorter than a line
Confusion is what I have

As for others they dont suffer
I just want to go to supper
I want to take cover

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