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Posted by on Apr 30, 2014 in ACE Learning Center, ACE Partners, ACE School Report | 0 comments

Oakland International High School Announces ACE Poetry Contest Winners for National Poetry Month

By Guest Blogger Eleanor, assisted by Sailaja Suresh, Co-Principal, Oakland International High School

I'm Eleanor. Check out my poem about catnip.

Well, well, well…what a month for a poetry lover! Poems about technology, poems about treats, poems about love (I love catnip, how about you? The smell, the taste, it keeps me from feeling blue!).

I am proud to announce the winners of the ACE Poetry Contest at Oakland International High School! Each won a Visa gift card to spend on whatever they want – books, apps, games, snacks, presents for their mom (Mothers Day is next month!) or maybe some catnip for me. But I would be happy with a few pets too.

Congratulations everyone! Keep reading and writing poetry!

Third Place Winner

Tai T., 11th Grade

My Phone

My phone
Old but can not throw
Because its like my bone
With a ton of useful apps
Tap, tap, tap
Map appears or,
Touch, touch, touch
So much fun with different games.
My phone
Small but powerful
Because it full of the internet
I can open a website
To say hi, or like people on Facebook.
Looking for new clothes
But I don’t need to go out.
That sound great but I have to pay for the bills
However, I still use my phone.

My phone.

Second Place Winner

Miguel V., 11th Grade
El Salvador

Life Lived in a Day

Unless he takes a recess to realize what he possess
Vying and loses
Complying although justice is not applying
He isn’t crying!
We shot
No, no guns
Camera shots
That’s what we shot
Don’t miss a dot when you visit a website
You’ll send your mind to cast off a knot
Compared to when you were still learning the novel’s plot
Technology is getting harder
Gather with your friends and read the novel’s murder
We go further, escalating the English ladder
It can be that he’s cursed
The gang got dispersed!
Play and replay our short play
Make way for the life you’ll live in a day.

First Place Winner

Helen G., 12th Grade

Oh Computer You Are Too Close to Me

Oh computer you are too close to me
It comforts the needs, satisfies the want,
It seems like you have been here for too long
The thought of my addiction to you have become more serious
My thoughts on you have increased by night
I guess you do decrease my stress and releases the joy
But I can’t have you too close to me I feel like you are damaging me
These questions are going around my mind
Is it healthy and why I am my abusing you?
Question pop up, what if, how come?
Is it healthy to abuse you and how come you possess me?
I still visit you too much,
Memories I keep in you
You are inspiration by itself
A connector
A mind controller
I discover the world through your screen
You give too much, want do you take?
Do you leave me creative less?
Is my knowledge robbed by you?
Is my ethical judgments filled by you?
I guess for now I will leave you powerful
See I will never leave the house without charging you.

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