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Oxford Day Academy’s ACE Learning Center Poets Write Epically of Life, Death and Family Emotions

By Thor, ACE Poetry Contest Mascot, Oxford Day Academy

It’s me, Thor, doing the Poetry Walk.

And I thought our Oxford Day Academy (ODA) students wrote epic poems. Wait until you read the winning poems written by parents from the ODA ACE Learning Center. The parents let out their emotions about their life, family and how death doesn’t mean the end of holding someone dear.

Okay, short poems, but epic messages and even more epic poetic results. Let’s let the ODA ACE Learning Center poets show off. Eeeepic!




1st Prize Winner – Leleiti Grew
2nd Prize Winner – Tevita Kioa
3rd Prize Winner – Patrisha Ragins
4th Prize Winner – Petra Reyes

The Pressure Inside
By Leleiti Grew

The pressure inside
It builds it rise
The stress inside
It builds, I cry
The loneliness inside
It builds it subsides
The emotions inside
It builds no where to confide

As I lay on the grass
Watching the flower die
I scream so loudly
Because I was that flower inside
I let out my tears
I gave my emotions and my stress
As if the world can hear my cries

As I gave my last cry and felt
So relieved soon after
Rain fell from the sky as if
It heard all of my concerns
As I looked at the flower
Expecting to see its death
It was brought to life
With the relief of my emotional debt


That’s it Done Deal
By Tevita Kioa

That’s it, done deal
The world is ending
There’s no time to hide
There’s no more pretending
Cause we’re all gonna die
There’s no point in living
For right now we’re alive
Just waiting, not riding
Not trying to survive
Too busy living


In This World
By Patrisha Ragins

In this world we are all lovers of
family. Family is very important. They are
ways that family operates. Children have
a place and adults have to build the
foundation of truth and fairness, there
is always a love for life and the life
of a child. We are family at Oxford Day
Academy this is family too! Oxford
Day Academy is an awesome school
we’re new and a moving force for the
coming years that our children will
be more educated more
equip for the real world. We are family
we are community. We are one, we are
better together!


You Are So Dear To Me
By Petra Reyes

You are so dear to me
You have always thought of me
Before thinking of you
You take care of me without
Expecting anything in return
Your unconditional love
Is amazing and give me strength
In my time of need
I know you are always with
Me even though we are apart
Even from heaven I know you are
Still looking out for me

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