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Posted by on Apr 15, 2019 in ACE Learning Center, ACE School Report, Continuing Education | 2 comments

Poets Prepare for a Battle of Ice and Fire in Game of Poems

By Riley, ACE Poetry Contest Mascot, Alpha Public Schools

We’re mid-way through National Poetry Month, and the students at the ACE Learning Center schools are learning about poetry and writing poems.

The raven sent me messages that a massive battle is taking place in the ACE Poetry Contests. Is winter coming? Or is that just Karl the Fog, the Bay Area’s usual cool Maester who sometimes becomes The Wall as he creeps his way from the coastline inland. Or is that Athastokhdevishizar, or nonsense, which the raven says literally means ‘fog talking.’

Poets that are Wildings (those Free Folk that bow to no one) are actually bowing to their Maester-teachers who are teaching about the many different types of poetry. Thor, over at Oxford Day Academy, is pushing epic poetry because he likes to go on and on for at least eight seasons, but there is good, powerful stuff in epic poetry.

Hei Hei, on the other hand, goes short. Mascot at San Francisco International High School, he likes haiku. Three lines. The first and last lines have five syllables, the middle one has seven. Short. Sweet. But intense. Wildings should take a look at haiku as it can be powerful quickly.

I like doggerel poetry and the ravens tell me so do dragons. Drogon, the dragon that Daenerys Targaryen rides, likes it the best, as does Daenerys. Again, I’m getting my info from the ravens, but I recognize why. Who understands dragons better than dogs? We’re fierce. We’re powerful. We can’t always be controlled (our Wilding side) but we hang with the Direwolves and write killer doggerel poetry.

But perhaps the Iron Throne of Poetry goes to Samosa, who perhaps is a Warg. One of those who enters the minds of humans (or is that animals?) and controls them. Samosa, Mascot for Oakland International High School, loves rhyming poetry. She loves control. Producing rhymes is very hard. But she has the swords (claws) and sorcery (her cat stare) to make anyone write a rhyme.

So, the Game of Poems is on. The ACE Poetry Contest is a Battle of Ice and Fire. But everyone’s a winner if they write poems.

You hear that Jon Snow? Don’t want to write poetry? You know nothing.


  1. will dragon glass help?
    or do white walkers just need
    to read more poems?

    • Dragon glass is good.
      Better are poet wargs who
      see through poem’s eyes.

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