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Posted by on May 11, 2016 in ACE Learning Center, ACE Partners, ACE School Report, Continuing Education | 0 comments

San Francisco International High School Announces ACE Poetry Contest Winners

By Guest Blogger Cronos, ACE Poetry Contest Mascot, San Francisco International High School

Alex, Ermias and Joshua – our winners for this year’s poetry contest.

Alex, Ermias and Joshua – our winners for this year’s poetry contest.

Hello World!

Poetry Month has (sadly) come to a close and it’s time to announce the winners of the ACE Poetry Contest at SF International High School.

We had many wonderful submissions this year, but in the end with winners are Alex Sorto, Ermias Kidane and Joshua Ruvalcaba-Garcia.


Untitled (everyday, every month)
By Alex Sorto

I don’t know what to do
So I take out my phone and go to google

All the boys are playing
with their phones
If you don’t have one
you live on stones

I wrote this poem
using technology
If you want to know about self-esteem
you research psychology

Right now this is in our daily life,
in every minute
You can use it to spread your word
and don’t be mute

Everyday, every month
and every hour
Tablet, laptop, computer,
this technology is ours

Helping ourselves
and helping others
You want to succeed
read book on your phone

When I want to be romantic
I send an emoji flower

Congratulations to my SFIHS Poetry Rock Stars!

Congratulations to my SFIHS Poetry Rock Stars!


Tap Tap
By Ermias Kidane

Tap, tap on your little device
Do you wish to hear my insightful advice?

Look up
Not down

Throw your phone

Don’t you know you don’t need it

Appreciate the yellows,
Greens and blues

Mother nature
Won’t mind if use you her bed for a snooze



By Joshua Ruvalcaba-Garcia

People get happy when they but their
new android
They say technology connects
us together
That’s funny because that’s the kind of people
who you avoid
They do not take a moment
to look at the weather
They just type on their iPhones
covered in feathers
I’m still glad
technology exists
Buy games and watching videos is something
I can’t resist
Where people argue against atheists
Social media looks controlled by only priests
Technology is the knife that cuts
from both sides
But still is a big
web tied
Only for people who can’t see
the bright side
They get trapped on
their device
The screen doesn’t let them see
the other side
Then, they die
without pride

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