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Posted by on May 9, 2014 in ACE Learning Center, ACE School Report | 0 comments

San Francisco International High School Rocks National Poetry Month, and Lots More

By Guest Blogger Lobo, assisted by Kyle Halle-Erby, Fifth Year Program Coordinator, San Francisco International High School

Awoooooo! Howling for SFIHS Poets!

Can you hear me howling? It’s Lobo, San Francisco International High School MASCOT for the ACE Poetry Contest. And I want to howl that THE HUSKIES ROCK!

I just attended the Senior Class School Meeting where awards were presented to students who excelled this year. Not just in curriculum like math, English and economics, but in equally important stuff like internship performance, working hard and succeeding, creating change, most improved (I coulda won that one, but I don’t always follow commands) and the HUSKY AWARD for excelling in everything. Congratulations to everyone who won an award, and high paws to everyone in the 2014 Senior Class. Everyone wins at SFIHS!

Grand Prize winner Stanford "King" Sunga reads his poem next to Bob Gerhardt, ACE Board Member.

But my favorite awards went to the winners of the ACE Poetry Contest. Mr. Kyle introduced Mr. Bob Gerhardt, a dude from ACE, who announced the winners and gave out certificates and iTunes gift cards. See, poetry can bring you riches. Well, music, movies, TV shows and apps, but that’s cool stuff.

So here are the winners of the contest! The Grand Prize went to Stanford “King” Sunga. King even read his poem out loud and the entire class clapped and cheered. Go King!! (He received an iTunes card for $50!)

Sleeper Waiting
By Stanford Sunga

Oh this brand new cellphone there just isn’t nothing more alive
My cellphone is like my voice because I sing with it
and with this great cellphone I don’t need no alarm clock
cause there ain’t a single thing that it can’t do.
It can talk and it can move,
It can remind me things as well,
It can die and revive and wake me up and take pictures.
It can write and play with me,
It can tell me the weather and be a light
So I can sleep tonight until tomorrow morning
(Just as soon as I can turn my cell phone off).

The winner for Most Creative poem was Benjamin Tellez Luna, who turned on the light with his poem.

Dear Electricity
By Benjamin Tellez Luna

Dear Electricity,

You come to make our life better.
You were born to create the change
where the impossible became possible
and where every human on earth needs you to live without darkness in night

Without you, technology suffers and dies.
You are like oxygen for our bodies
and like a poison that can’t be destroyed.

At the beginning of all times you were created to give life to the world.
From your roots the future increases.
The power of light connects the orbit of all humans
creating signals of communication throughout
where people can feel it.

But also you’re the thing without explanation
or answer
that makes us wonder
how it was created in the beginning of life.

James Huang won the award for poem with the Strongest Message. He puts a twist on the definition of a friend.

Our Friend, Technology
By James Huang

“We need your help!”
My friends, I am coming for you.

“We want to listen to music!”
My friends, don’t play music.
Just turn on a music player and put on a headphone.

“We want to play sports!”
My friends, don’t run.
Just open an Xbox and you are ready to play.

“We want to talk to others!”
My friends, don’t say anything.
Just text.

“We want to read books!”
My friends, don’t read any paper.
Just read the newest facebook.

Day by day,
“My friend, what music can we play?”
“My friend, where are our sports idols?”
“My friend, how do we say that word?”
“My friend, are you our friend?”

And the award for Best Use of Figurative Language was given to Elend Zhao. Who knew that “spider” could be a verb? Elend did!

Spider Tech
By Elend Zhao

Hiding in the cracks of the wall
And inside of your shoes
Dangling in the corners
And witching your back
We like to get to know you
As you sleep

You’re just being watched
Every day and night
Better don’t cry
Better don’t run
There is no escape from it
No matter what you try

We have the eyes of the stars
Stars that would never blink
Stars that are forever gazing
On you and him

We have the eyes of the sky
The eyes of a deadly predator
Pets of U.S. mil, NSA and CIA
Hunts closer that you think

We have eyes on the street
We know where you are
And where you heading
We watch you more than your parents did

Yes, we are the spiders
We are the bugs in your computer
We are the bugs in Merkel’s phone
We are the bugs in your baby cam
We are the master of the word wide web
We know just about every thing in the web
And we remember just about every thing happened
You are all being spidered
And we are also being spidered
So privacy is out of the question
But don’t worry
You are all being saved under our watch

Congratulations everyone! Thanks for helping me with the ACE Poetry Contest. See you next April for National Poetry Month.

Awooooooooooo! Go Huskies! Huskies rock!

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