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Some 5th Year Students at SFIHS/ACE Learning Center Share their New Year’s Goals

By Julie Kessler, Principal, San Francisco International High School
And 5th Year Students at the SFIHS/ACE Learning Center

Our 5th Year program is going well and more students are passing the CAHSEE with each test. They did some looking back and looking ahead about their goals recently and what role the program has played in their lives.

Fatima Garcia wrote:
My goal for next year is to be ready for CAHSEE is February. My hope for next year is to have good grades in my new classes in City College of San Francisco. The 5th year program is helping me a lot because they are supporting me with CAHSEE stuff and also with my CCSF paper. 5th year is helping me to not give up and continue with my education. Also is helping me to improve my English.

Regilyn Bonifacio wrote:
My goals for this year is to get my precious diplomas and get some classes earlier in City College. I also want to figure out what I’m going to do for this year: if I should stay in City College or go to Job Corps. What I hope for next year is I want everything to be fine, like get all my classes that I need. I hope by next year I get the health assistant job at Job Corps. The 5th year program is helping me to meet my goals by learning more, getting some important information and of course to get me free classes. The 5th year program is supporting me to get my classes, helping me to get in Job Corps and doing a lot of stuff.

Zuleima Giron wrote:
My goals for this year are to keep coming to Mr. Kyle’s class and Ms. Tiffany’s class because this two classes help me to prepare for the next CAHSEE. I wish I could have more classes. I just want to focus on passing that stupid test. I want my diploma so I can work and support my family. What I hope for next year is to pass the CAHSEE and have my diploma. During next semester if I don’t pass the CAHSEE in February I will keep trying. The 5th year program is helping me to learn strategies I need. It helps me not to forget how to speak and write English. I thank Mr. Kyle for everything that he has done for me. Thank Ms. Julie for letting me take math class with the 12th graders in the afternoon.

Carlos Mendoza wrote:
My goals for this year is to pass my classes from CCSF, English 122, Math E3 and Elementary French. My second goal for this year is to look for a job right here in San Francisco because I work in South San Francisco and it’s hard to go there and finish my work and be at my house at 11:30 pm and then wake up early for school. Something that I hope is to have money for CCSF books. Thanks to the 5th year program, I don’t worry about the money for CCSF and the program is great for supporting students that need some help with the tuition.

Baolan “Bowie” Guan wrote:
My goal for this year is pass CAHSEE. This program is helping the students who did not pass CAHSEE. The teacher give us information and help us to achieve our dreams. For next year, I want to take more classes in City College. After the semester, I will save lots of money from my part-time job and I will go to Korea with some friends in June. The program is supporting me because it not only teaches about CAHSEE, but also it makes me think that even though we didn’t pass CAHSEE in 12th grade we will be able to pass it and transfer to four-year university or graduate at City College. The program also makes me feel that we are not worse than other student. I got confidence in the 5th year program. I believe everything will be fine in my life and I will keep working hard.

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