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Span Scholars Return to Campus at San Francisco International High School

By Kyle Halle-Erby, Span Program Director, San Francisco International High School

It’s October and the seniors at SF International are deep into the college and financial aid application process. Thankfully, they have the support of our ACE Learning Center to support their continuing education at multiple points.

A Span Scholar shares his college experience to SF International students.

A Span Scholar shares his experience about the all important senior year with SF International seniors.

At the start of this school year, almost three dozen of our Span Scholars returned to campus to talk with our current seniors about the importance of their senior year. The Span Scholars talked about their own experiences of 12th grade, how they managed their time (and didn’t), how they handled stress, and what they wish they had known then.

The Span Program, a central part of our ACE Learning Center, supports our recent graduates as they begin college. This wrap around support keeps alumni close to our community and makes it possible for events like this to take place with ease.

High school students listen as college students tell.

High school students listen as college students tell.

Recent graduates are an invaluable resource for our current students. Nearly all of our 12th graders are the first in their families to attend college so having near peers who are succeeding in college shows our students that they really do have what it takes. What a great way to set the tone for senior year.

Here are a few words of wisdom from our Span Scholars to our current 12th graders:

“Remember you’re not alone. Everyone else is going through the same stress and frustration, it’s not just you.” – Medhanie, SFIHS class of 2013

“Bother your teachers. In college, your professors are hard to find. Here, your teachers will talk to you about anything. Go see them, talk to them and make them teach you more.” – Mario, SFIHS class of 2016

“Apply for scholarships. When I was a senior grade scholarships felt like so much work, but they actually pay and they are much easier than washing dishes.” – Kuang, SFIHS class of 2013

Span Scholars discuss college with soon to be college attendees.

Span Scholars discuss their college experience with soon to be college attendees.

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