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Posted by on Jan 16, 2018 in ACE Learning Center, ACE School Report, Continuing Education | 0 comments

Student Profile: Be Committed to School, Ask for Help and “Achieve Every Dream” Says SFIHS Graduate Cristhian S

Name: Cristhian S.
School: Skyline College
Major: Mechanical Engineering

San Francisco International High School graduate Cristhian S gives advice on going to college and being a role model for his son.

Why are you in college?

I’m in college because I want to be the first person in my family to go to college in the U.S. Also because I always wanted to be someone in life, meaning to achieve every dream I could not achieve in my home country. In addition I want to be a role model for my son as well as other students who think that college will not help them in their future.

What supports are you using to be successful in college so far?

Some of the sources I have been using in college so far are the ACE Learning Center and EOP Program. The Learning Center is a place where all student get support with their homework or any projects that any student might have. Another resource that I am using at college is the EOP Program. This program help student to get their classes faster, counseling one on one, and give free money so you can buy your books.

What advice do you have for other new college students? What advice do you have for high school students?

My advice for any new college students is that they need to be committed to school. That way they have more opportunity to pass their classes. Also, I ask for help any time they need to. There is nothing wrong to ask for help. In fact it help you to meet new people and get some self-confidence. The best advice I can give to any high school student is to do not think that they cannot do it. Be brave and committed and you will always get whatever you want in life. Never give up and have a growth mindset because things in college get harder and harder, but not impossible to achieve.

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