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Student Profile: College Brings You Out of the “Shadows” According to SFIHS Graduate Christian P. Attending UC Berkeley

Name: Cristhian P.
School: UC Berkeley
Major: Social Welfare, Minor in Public Policy

Christian P., a SFIHS graduate and now attending UC Berkeley.

Why are you in college?

I’m in college since I want to represent minorities and my younger siblings, showing them that pursuing higher education is possible. Also, I go to college because my younger family members can see me as a role model. I do not want my family to continue being on the shadows either being outsiders; instead, I want society to welcome them to society.

What supports are you using to be successful in college so far?

I’m using the Student Learning Center, different professors, group study sections, and chats to communicate my questions or guidance to be successful at UC Berkeley. Office hours are valuable because you’re encourage to ask questions one on one, but in class asking questions is almost impossible since many students asks questions.

What advice do you have for other new college students? What advice do you have for high school students?

I will advise students to study hard even if there is no quizzes, midterms, or finals coming up because at the end retaining all the lectures and readings can be impossible. Reading on time and taking notes is encouraged to actually understanding the point of the class. Thus, I personally read two books and three articles per week, other students might have to read more. I advise high school students to practice writing and their reading since in college that would be correlated; after reading a book or article students have to write papers (essays, surveys, feedbacks, film critique etc).

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