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Student Profile: Marian Frances B. Relies on SFIHS SPAN for Support Through A Successful College Experience

Marian Francis B. has aspired to become a nurse since she was a little girl.

Name: Marian Frances B.
School: San Francisco State University
Major: Pre- Nursing

Why are you in college?

There are many reasons why I am in college, striving to finish college and obtain a degree. First of the many reasons is my dream to become a nurse. As of now, I can feel an indescribable feeling and passion towards this dream and as I go through every day in college, this dream has become my tool of motivation. I have aspired to become a nurse since I was a little kid and I have just recently realized how big of a desire and how loud my calling is to become a nurse, I cannot even describe it properly in words. Another reason I am in college is because of my parents. I am from an immigrant family, and from that I know that my family is here for a better future, for a better opportunity than our native country could offer. I know, that becoming the first in my family to go to college and graduate in a college in the United States, that it will bring so much happiness to my parents. I want to make my parents proud as much as I want to achieve my dreams to become a nurse practitioner. Also, staying in college and working to earn a degree is a great start to help my parents support my younger siblings. In the future, I want to use my degree and knowledge to provide my siblings with their basic needs and in 10 years from now, college. Lastly, I am in college because I know that having passion for the things we desire and want to be in life cannot fully suffice the steps to success. I believe the passion I have should be backed up by knowledge, which is why I am in college.

What supports are you using to be successful in college so far?

So far the support I am using in college are SPAN, resources in college, friends and family.

What advice do you have for other new college students? What advice do you have for high school students?

I think there are many things to know for new college students, and one would be to learn to advocate for themselves. I think many new college students who do not know how to advocate for themselves struggle more in college as it is a new, foreign environment they have yet to get a grasp on. Knowing what resources they can utilize and expressing their needs not only to students around them but also their professors and counselors can make a huge difference in their first semester experience. Another advice I would also give new college students is to learn and think of ways to manage their time wisely. Time management, I believe, plays a key role college success. Knowing what to prioritize and knowing how much time to dedicate to certain events and subjects could impact their college experience in several beneficial ways. As for high school students, I would advise them the same. Learning to advocate for yourself and managing time wisely would be a great skill to develop even before college. Also, I would advise high school students to start interning and joining clubs they feel they can excel in, and develop essential life skills, while taking good care of their grades. Lastly, I would advise both new college students and high school students to always try their best and put in their best effort in whatever activity, class, etc. that they do. This way, they would learn how much of a difference their best effort can bring forth to them. Also, by setting their best foot forward, they would have less thoughts of how they could have done things better and have less regret because they would know that it is their best that they have given.

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