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Posted by on Dec 19, 2017 in ACE Learning Center, ACE School Report, Continuing Education | 0 comments

Student Profile: Rica T. Gives Advice to SFIHS College-Bound Students

Rica T is a San Francisco International High School graduate and now attends San Francisco State University.

Name: Rica T.
School: San Francisco State University
Major: Hospitality Tourism Management

Why are you in college?

I am in college because there are many goals that I want to achieve for myself. I am here without my mom and am missing home a lot, but I know that if I follow my dreams and work hard to get my college degree I will be able to get a degree to help me serve my community back in the Philippines in a focus I am interested in.

What supports are you using to be successful in college so far?

There are many supports in college. I use tutoring at SFSU from Metro, but I have also found that the Metro program is not for me. So, therefore, I decided to use EOP and also the support from my SPAN advisor, Ms. Amanda, to best support me in college. I recently had a family difficulty happen, and my SPAN advisor helped me to understand how to talk to my professors without being fearful.

What advice do you have for other new college students? What advice do you have for high school students?

One advice I have for other new college students is to make sure that they are proactive. It is important to understand that if they are not proactive, they will fall behind. SFIHS is a supportive community, but the college environment is not as supportive and loving as our high school. I also want to tell our classmates in high school that they should really do every assignment and practice skill that they ask us to do because it really does help us in college. Lots of reading, writing, and taking initiative. We should not take our SFIHS teachers for granted.

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