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Posted by on Apr 21, 2014 in ACE Learning Center, ACE Partners, ACE School Report | 0 comments

Students at San Francisco International High School Learn About Haiku and Technology – Or is it the Technology of Haiku?

By Guest Blogger Lobo, assisted by Kyle Halle-Erby, SFIHS, Fifth Year Program Coordinator

Hi, it’s Lobo again.

Hi! Lobo here. Huskies writing poetry rocks!

ACE/San Francisco International High School Poetry Contest MASCOT.

At SFIHS, the human-huskies are working on a poetry contest about learning through technology. They have spent a lot of time reading different perspectives on technology and began debating how it can help and hurt young people. Our world is awash in technology (I wonder if the world dislikes baths as much as I do?) so it can be difficult to identify exactly the role technology plays.

I wrote this Haiku for the students at SFIHS to demonstrate the structure of Haiku and discuss the challenge of writing about something that feels as pervasive as technology.

The Can Opener
by Lobo

New technology
How does it teach me, you ask
Simple: it feeds me

This is my cousin, Cronos, getting pets and poems from the SFIHS students. Huskies "Heart" Poetry!

The humans were working so hard that I decided to send a cousin of mine, Cronos, over to school to put some smiles on the young poet’s faces. Like the sign says: Huskies “heart” Poetry! What would you people do without us dogs?

And I want to send a bark-out to Riley whose poem set the poem bar really high. Here’s howling at you, Riley!


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