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The KALW Audio Academy Stories Explore The Tough Side of Living in the Bay Area

By Martha Sessums

Radio tells stories, and some of the best ones explore how tough it can be if you don’t have a job. The KALW Audio Academy fellows examine the issues of housing and unemployment and found two narratives that inspire.

Jeremy Dalmas talks to Steve DeCaprio about the laws of squatting and the legal requirements for gaining ownership of an abandoned house. After living in squat properties for 13-plus years, he is an expert in squatting law and is on his way to passing the state bar examination.

“If and when I pass the bar,” DeCaprio said, “I would most likely be the only attorney that specializes in squatting.”

Check out Jeremy’s story:

In legal grey area, West Oakland resident discovers free house

Liz Mak reports on how hard it is to be unemployed in San Francisco. Despite San Francisco’s low unemployment rate, there are 23,000 without jobs who depend on local services such as the Employment Development Department. But because of last year’s sequester ordered by Congress, it’s short staffed and only open four hours each weekday. That can make the lines long and slow, and the phone call system a frustrating round robin. Yet, human resilience comes through.

“I’ve had days where I’ve been in tears, but I just keep going,” one interviewee said. “Because I’m smart, I’m intelligent, I’m healthy. I get up everyday and I’m always looking.”

Listen to Liz’s story:

Unemployment in SF? Numbers are down, but so are spirits

It is these types of stories on Crosscurrents that give voice to our varied community.

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