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Posted by on Apr 9, 2019 in ACE Learning Center, ACE Partners, Continuing Education | 0 comments

Thor, Oxford Day Academy’s ACE Poetry Contest Mascot, Hammer-Wields Poetry with Puppy-Love

By Thor, ACE Poetry Contest Mascot, Oxford Day Academy

It’s me, Thor, teaching a student the Poetry Walk.

I love poetry. That’s why I’m an ACE Poetry Contest Mascot. I love the thunder of poems, the strength of their message or story, how they can hammer home a strong emotion and make it strike like lightening.

I also love my Mascot cohorts – Riley, Hei Hei and Samosa. As a team, we are the Superheros of poetry. Poetry is our Superpower. From doggerel (Riley’s favorite) to Haiku (Hei Hei’s favorite) to. . . well. . . Samosa won’t tell her favorite because she’s a cat and they don’t have to tell anything, but she is a good rhymer. And my favorite is epic, cause I’m an epic character. And I tend to go on and on…

So, let’s continue with this month of poetry.

Students – your job is to learn about poetry and write a poem to submit to your school’s or ACE Learning Center’s contest.

Mascots – your job is to encourage the love of poetry and show off by writing some. Here’s mine.

LO, praise the prowess of poet-kings
of spear-armed students, in class long sped,
we soon will hear what honor the poets won!*

And don’t forget, April 18 is Poem in Your Pocket Day. Riley likes poems in pockets, along with treats. Guess all the Mascots do.

*Okay, it’s a takeoff from Beowulf, but what an epic poem.

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