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Posted by on May 12, 2021 in ACE Learning Center, ACE School Report, Continuing Education | 0 comments

We have Winners. The Winning Poems from Alpha Public Schools Have Arrived

By Riley, ACE Poetry Contest Mascot, helped by Martha who is a little slow with Google Docs, but got there. She doesn’t get out much.

Arf. Riley here. We have winning poets.

Arf, arf, arf, arf. I gave an extra arf because the winning ACE Poetry Contest poems from Alpha Public Schools are really good. There were lots of contests based on school grades and interests, so this will take several blogs.

Today’s blog is Alpha Cornerstone Academy’s Second Grade contests. There were two contests so six poems. Guess what Bodie, Oakland International High School Cat Mascot? Two poems are about cats. Can you believe it. Cats inspire lots of poetry, as we know.

Arf. Let’s get at it. Here are the winning poems from the Second Grade contest poets at Alpha Cornerstone Academy. Congratulations everyone.

Contest #1 – Second Grade


First Place: Yaretzi Hernandez

ABC’s of Color

All colors are beautiful
Because they are all magical
Colors are really pretty
Does not mean some are ugly
Every color is pretty in their own special ways
For every color has a game that it plays
Green plays the game that makes our air today
Hey, be grateful for the colors you see in this way
In march the color you think about is green
Jump if you promise not to be mean
Keep yourself thinking about all the colors
Let yourself think about all the summers
Maybe you like this poem maybe not
Now if you want to stop then stop
Orange is a pretty color don’t you think
Purple is a pretty color almost close to pink
Queen is a pretty person with jewels and rings.
Red is a color with anger and sings.
So did you like this.
Tell me who who do you miss.
Umbrellas save us from the rain.
Very wet like a wet train.
Wet body’s not really fun.
X-rays can show you your skeleton.
You may be lucky not to get wet.
Zzz dream of your colors and give your friends a pet.


Second Place: Aleia Woodring

Hungry Cat

Once I saw a pink cat.

She was resting on her won mat.

She wanted some food to eat.

So she started to bite her feet.

But could not reach it because she was fat.


Third Place: Citlalli Hernandez

This Cat

There was a cute cat

Its name was Nat

It liked to play

It played all day

It always wore a pink hat.



Contest #2 – Second Grade


First Place: Jacqueline Nguyen

Staying Safe

Avoid touching outside things,
Be safe on whatever you use,
Call for help whenever you need it,
Don’t avoid having courage,
Exercise your body to stay healthy,
Falling in courage is great,
Going to your safest spot,
Hurry home when you need to,
I believe in you!
Just believe in yourself,
Keep yourself safe and healthy,
Look around when crossing anything,
Make sure to wash your hands,
Never talk to strangers,
Open your heart to family and friends,
Play around your home,
Quick to be home from school,
Run for help when you see danger,
Safety is our number one priority,
Think about safety before anything else,
Useful maps can keep you from getting lost,
Vaccination keeps you from getting sick,
Wash your hands before eating,
X-mas should have you hangout with your family and close friends only,
Zip your jacket when it’s cold!


Second Place: Ayden Martinez

I Rode my Bike to the Park

I go to a nearby park

While i ride my bike

And as i pass by the dogs bark

It’s truly what i don’t like

Scared but i don’t fall off


Third Place: Truc Nguyen


L is for learn.
E is for equation.
A is for alphabetical.
R is for read
N is for notice


Great poems all you poets. Stay tuned for more winning poems this week and onward.

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