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Posted by on Apr 27, 2020 in ACE Learning Center, ACE School Report, Continuing Education | 0 comments

We’re Catbombing the ACE Poetry Contest Again ‘Cause Cats are the Best at Distance Learning

By Poetry Cats, who sent in their blog copy via Google Docs so Martha’s keyboard stays clean, ‘cause Riley really messes it up

Here we cats are – playing around with poetry again. It’s the last week of National Poetry Month and nearing the end of the ACE Poetry Contest, so we wanted to get our paws back in.

You students are doing still doing distance learning and we’re here to help. In fact, we cats are good at distance learning. Mostly the distance thing, as learning is not one of our favorites, but that doesn’t mean learning isn’t important. For you human students, it’s real important. So we cats have some tips.

1. Curl up in a cardboard box when you feel like it.

Sometimes you need your own space. Take it.

2. Support your classmates and your teacher

It’s like giving a cat a pet or a scratch behind the ears. We love that and will purr in return. It’s a great support system. Just ask Graciecat who helps her friend Diane by hanging with her by the computer. Supporting each other.

Hi. I’m Graciecat, hanging by my friend Diane’s computer. No better place to be.

3. Be there

Attend classes. Do the homework. It’s about you, no one else. You are the star. Sorta like Sparklecat who helps with the NASA engineers. Just keep trying. Be there for yourself, your family and your education. Sparklecat has learned that NASA commands require using a “mouse” and while we cats prefer live mice, we suspect Sparkelcat is working on using a computer mouse. We have liftoff, Sparkelcat!

I’m Sparklecat, trying to figure out how to use a computer mouse.

4. We’ll get through this and be better

Distance learning is hard. That’s why cats, although good at being distance, actually like to hang with students who are looking at screens. Probably because we don’t really like being ignored unless it’s on our own terms. But distance part is hard. Just like virtual pets and scratches behind the ears suck. But this is the new school experience now, and we’ll get through this together and be better for it.

We Poetry Cats have to end this blog with some catteral poetry. We have a special friend at ACERon Loiacono who is on the ACE Board of Directors. His poem was inspired by Sarahcat and it meets our high standards for catteral poetry.

My Confused Body

My Brain says that I can run a four-minute mile
My Heart and Lungs say that the Brain is hallucinating
My Bladder says are we there yet?
Another side of me says it’s snack time somewhere ?

For we cats, it’s always snack time. But it better be a good snack.

Riley has asked that we remind everyone that this is the last week for National Poetry Month and that April 30 is Poem in Your Pocket Day. We cats don’t have pockets, but pets and ear scratches count as poetry for us.

Stay tuned for poetry from the winners of the ACE Poetry Contest from all the ACE Learning Center schools. Meow.

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