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Posted by on Apr 26, 2021 in ACE Learning Center, ACE School Report, Continuing Education | 0 comments

We’re Catbombing the ACE Poetry Contest with Bodie ‘Cause One Cat Isn’t Enough

By Bodie, ACE Poetry Contest Mascot for Oakland International High School and past cat bombers Joycat, Graciecat and Sheba, with spelling help by Martha as cats just like to play with keyboards

Hi. Joycat here.

We’re baack. That’s what I say. Me. Joycat.





Sheba hanging out.

And we love poetry. At least I do. That’s me. Sheba





I’m Graciecat,

Mostly I like hanging with my good friend Diane when she reads poetry, or whatever it is that she reads. Martha says Diane belongs to a book club, at least that’s what she tells me. Me. Graciecat.




Bodie here. Herding cats..

And I love having cat buddies helping with the ACE Poetry Contest because it’s lonely being the only cat ACE Poetry Contest Mascot. The dogs, Max and Riley, are great, but I don’t like being outnumbered. Says me. Bodie

We all hope the poetry contests are going well. We hear a rumor that Alpha Public Schools may have some winning poems to share real soon, so we look forward to that. And all the other winning poems too.

Plus, This Thursday is Poem in Your Pocket Day. It’s the day to share your poems with friends, family, even strangers. I suspect the word “pocket” can mean anything nowadays – email, text, meme, TikTok post, however you want to share your poem. Even share with students and teachers in class, although ya gotta be six feet away.

Meooww. Joycat here. I hate being six feet away. No pets or tummy scratches.

As queen of Sheba cat, I like my distance, but it’s nice to hang close. Plus, we cats don’t have an issue with that pesky virus, so the distance rule doesn’t really apply to us. Just humans.

As I said, the hanging with human friends part is nice. Maybe that’s why I’m called Graciecat. I find great grace in humans.

Well, it’s now time to encourage everyone to read and write poetry as it’s needed a lot this year. As Bodie, contest mascot, let’s introduce our catteral poem. It’s about writing poetry …

Meooww again. Joycat butting in. Do you know that almost every great writer has written about cats? From ancient Greek and Roman poetry to classics by T.S. Eliot and Emily Dickinson to modern poets like Katie Peterson.

I’m waiting for Joy Harjo to write a cat poem. She writes about a lot of graceful things so maybe she’ll write about me, Graciecat.

No, no, about me, Sheba.

Okay, okay, cat team. We’re done getting catty. Let’s show off our catteral poem.


Poetry Writing Advice

 By Bodie, Joycat, Sheba and Graciecat

Poems sneak up quiet and soft

On little cat feet

Not making any noise

But once they are invading your thoughts

It feels like whiskers

Sweeping your cheek

You have to pay attention and move fast

Catch the idea

With keyboard strokes

And when you’re done telling your tale

Reach out and pet

The cat that inspired

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