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Why Are You in College? SF International High School Span Student Tells All

By Kyle Halle-Erby, Span Program Coordinator, San Francisco International High School; and Jose L., Freshman at City College of San Francisco

Throughout this year, we are sitting down with current students in our Span program to hear their perspectives on our program. Span is the college retention program in our ACE Learning Center. Span supports recent graduates from SF International High School who are attending college. The goal is to provide a warm hand-off to their new campuses and help students develop support networks that will support their success after high school.

Jose L., a first year student at City College of San Francisco, kicks off our series with his reflection on beginning college.

Jose L is an artist too, and here is the SFIHS Husky and his mottos he painted for the school lobby.

Why are you in college?

I’m in college because I want to achieve my goals. One of them is finishing college and getting my college diploma as a computer engineer.

What supports are you using to be successful in college so far?

In the college I’m going to there are a lot of good people that will help you out if you need any kind of help. Like, for example Latino Services Network. I always go to this place because there I can go to do my homework or if I need to print something you can do it there also they let you use computers for free. And, if you are struggling with some classes you can have tutoring classes. Also another program that help me a lot is Voices of Immigrants Demonstrating Achievement (VIDA) . There is a lot of help in college, but the thing is that help will not come to you. You have to find it. It is not like in high school that the teachers are reminding you to do your homework.

What advice do you have for other new college students? What advice do you have for high school students?

“Be responsible in your homework,” said Jose L. But don’t forget to keep drawing too. Here’s another great picture by Jose L.

One advice I have for the new future college students is that in college you have to be very very responsible in your homework – there is no late homework unless the teacher is nice and you ask him for an extension. But most of the teachers do not accept late homework so be responsible and practice a lot your English. One challenge I have right now is my mom is the only one who works. My little sisters are going to be in college soon and I want to earn money to help my family. I think it will be hard to stay focused on school and to help my family.

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