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Posted by on May 18, 2016 in ACE Learning Center, ACE Partners, ACE School Report | 0 comments

Yew Chung International School Announces ACE Poetry Contest Winners

By Guest Blogger Ming-Mei, ACE Poetry Contest Mascot, Yew Chung International School

Cheers for Yew Chung poets!

Cheers for Yew Chung poets!

Poetry is just like the characteristics of this Year of the Monkey. It can be intelligent, dignified, romantic, quick-witted, agile, curious, and inspire motivation. And that’s a perfect description of our winners of the ACE Poetry Contest.

The teachers and staff (and me too!) are very proud of our students’ work. There were many well-written and creative poems, and our students had a great time with this contest! Who knew writing poetry about learning with technology could be so much fun. Ooh-ooh ah-ah!

And the Yew Chung International School winners of the ACE Poetry Contest are:


Learning with Technology

By Vienna Zhang, 4th Grade


The Generation of Technology,
The Generation of Advance.
That’s the 21st Century,
When Steve Jobs’ inventions were a fad.

Apple, Samsung, Google and lots more,
We get all excited as their inventions start to pour.

As we use it in learning,
It helps us a lot,
But they could improve,
Even though they’ve got shots.

Like the cameras on Apple’s tablets,
When you take a picture
Maybe move to the left,
The whole photo’s blurred.
Can’t take anything fast that occurs.

It could get complicated and not as fab,
Especially sometimes when you lose an important tab.
People can’t always remember to press Command+Shift+T,
So what happens to them when they’re brains aren’t “techy”.

Maybe when learning with a SmartBoard,
What happens then?
As we wait for it to load
In our terrific math class.
Waiting and waiting,
There! It’s done loading!
But as one steps on the wire,
It lags out.

But yes it is useful,
How it can help,
Maybe using ShowMe or iMovie
When presenting in class.

Lots of events,
Time flies,
I’m not using a notebook!

In self-driving cars,
And doing your homework,
Your mom no longer needs to drive,
How marvelous,
She could be reading her cookbook,
And getting cool ideas on how to make you

Learning with technology,
As it changes our lives.



The Mouse on Computers (your great pet)

By Max Polosky, 4th Grade


It scurries along
Your wooden table
Making little squeeks
And click.
It lies next
To your computer
Connected by the tail.
It’s blind,
But doesn’t
About your constant rubbing.
It loves it.
The more you
The more
Your pet mouse
So please
Take care of your mouse.



Learning With Technology

By Ethan Zhao, 3rd Grade

Note: games= educational games


Technology helps us learn.
Even makes it fun.
Controlling all the keys and clicks.
Hovering over the keyboard.
No one gets tired of it.
On the phone all day playing all these games.
Laughing at the screen.
Oh my gosh,
Get the mechanic!!!!!!
You and me all like it.

Rolling away into games.
Only the best qualify for my test.
Crouching on my chair.
Kool like Citron.
So you try it too!!

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