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ACE Honors Board Director Chip Maloney and Welcomes New Board Director Ron Loiacono

By Martha Sessums, President, ACE

For 30-plus years of ACE’s 51-year history, George Maloney – called Chip by most everyone – was there for ACE.

Chip Maloney, ACE Board Director – and he liked to cook too.

He joined the ACE Board and was always a supporting force and inspiration as the Educational Broadband Services (EBS) industry changed. He was there when ACE broadcast from classrooms to office buildings throughout the Bay Area, the original distance learning format. He was there when distance learning delivery morphed from TV to the internet so anyone could watch a mobile device or computer and learn anything anywhere.

He was there for ACE during a variety of transitions that, as a non-profit, were a struggle. There was a period of no income for ACE and he and the rest of the ACE Board supported the organization because they believed in the spirit of education and the power of the educational broadband spectrum assigned to ACE by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC.) Chip helped ACE transition from direct broadcast to supporting Bay Area schools in their educational needs by providing internet access for classrooms. And he was there helping to direct our current strategy of ACE Learning Centers for select Bay Area schools.

He also contributed to the strategies of our current transition as the FCC re-examines EBS licenses and considers loosening up educational requirements and perhaps freeing the spectrum for auction. Change is in the air.

Chip passed away at his home in Saratoga, CA on June 18, 2019 after a long illness after surgery. His wonderful wife, Weedgie, will always be a personal friend. Weedgie, daughter Kieran, son Peter and their six grandchildren will miss Chip’s storytelling, how he made them laugh and his many words of wisdom.

We at ACE will miss Chip and his wit and stories too.

But we welcome as Director to the ACE Board Ron Loiacono. Ron has 17 years of experience in the EBS industry as Executive Director of the Bay Area’s Catholic Telemedia Network. He understands the new challenges and opportunities that face ACE and his wisdom will help direct us to success.

Ron’s background can be seen here.

So welcome, Ron. We look forward to a great partnership and your strategic advice as ACE successfully navigates these new times.

We’ll never forget you, Chip. Thank you for your thoughtful advice and support all these years.

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