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Once in a while, we find resources that may be of interest to our ACE Partners. ACE is not involved with these companies, but we like to spread the word.

First is Gooru. This search engine has done the work for teachers and students by discovering collections of great learning resources for grades 5-12 math and science. Even better, it developed these into lesson plans, videos, interactive projects and games, all learning community vetted. Learning is social, so teachers and students share, comment and interact through a forum. Plus, there is a practice component to track progress and ascertain each resource’s effectiveness. Non-profit Gooru is created with the help of 5,000 teachers and students, and the beta version will be launched in June 2012. All for free, and no ads.

Second is Vidyo. The classroom is now everywhere, and Vidyo provides high-quality multi-point video and application sharing over the Internet, 4G or LTE networks. One can easily hold videoconferences with student work groups, teachers, tutors, parents, guest lecturers and experts on PC, Mac, iOS or Android devices. Big picture: connect with students across the globe, share virtual field trips, train teachers or hold virtual office hours. Vidyo offers grants and funding options for educators. Check out Vidyo in action in a classroom.

Third is SendHub. It’s all about the mobile phone, and teachers can communicate with students and parents using SMS messaging. Offered to educators for free, recipients text to join, creating a circle of friends that receive and send text messages. This is a great way to connect among groups such as athletic teams, grade levels, administration and even the Chess Club. SendHub is text communication delivered direct, fast and free. Done.

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