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Alpha: Jose Hernández ACE Poetry Contest Winners Announced

By Riley, ACE Poetry Contest Mascot, Alpha Public Schools

Hooowl! Here are the winning poets from Alpha: José Hernández. Left to right, Perla Vargas, Victoria Neri and Andres Garcia. Smile Andres. Astronaut Hernández is smiling at you.

I’m howling for the ACE Poetry Contest winners from Alpha: Jose Hernández. These are grades 5 – 8 and, like all the Alpha schools, participate in a blended learning model. This means a combo of learning with teachers and other students, plus learning using software programs on a computer screen. It’s very powerful, and successful, I hear. Yet these poems reflect the need to look up from the screen and see the world.

(I suspect Astronaut Hernández would agree. He has seen the world from outer space.)


1st Place
Our Technology
By Perla Vargas

In the beginning of time,
We did not have things like today
We did not have computers, we did not have phones, we did not have screen.
Nor did we have factories or machines.
Today, we have that.
Here and there.
Technology everywhere.
On the streets, in our houses, in fields.
It’s like it has taken over
Our families.
Our friends.
Our people.
Are we being controlled by technology?
Maybe yes,
Maybe no.
Do you have an opinion?


2nd Place
By Victoria Neri

You see it here and there it’s basically everywhere.

At school you have it and many people can’t live without it.

Technology! This is our future we use it a lot. We play and we learn with it.

This is our new life, but I hope that we don’t get too attached.

For if we do will we ever get out and explore the real world? Will we ever really enjoy true life?

Or shall we live in a virtual world, a world which isn’t even true.

For technology is just a fake world.

Who knows who you’re playing with it?

Doesn’t seem to matter though.

Will I be heard or will you ignore me just looking at your device. Will this world ever be so true or will I be the only one.

The only one who has seen beauty in our world.


3rd Place
Technology Taking Over Your Mind
By Andres Garcia

Tap, tap, tap on your little device.
Do you wish to hear my little advice.
Look up, not down.
Take a walk into town.
Put your phone away, you won’t need it for today.
Appreciate the green for plants, blue for the ocean, and yellow for the flowers.
Mother Nature won’t mind if you take a look at her creation.
Tap, tap, tap listen to my advice and put away your enemy of your eyes.


It’s howling time for poetry!

Awesome poems. Awesome poets. Treats for everyone.


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