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April is a Perfect Month for National Poetry Month and the ACE Poetry Contest

By Riley, ACE Poetry Contest Mascot, assisted by Martha Sessums, ACE President, because she’s tired of cleaning her keyboard after Riley uses it

Nobody planned it, but this this April is perfect timing for National Poetry Month, which means it’s also great timing for the ACE Poetry Contest. We’re all under stay in place orders, which I think is funny. How many times has my John told me to “stay?” Ha, now it’s his turn.

Lucy and me smiling for Poetry Month.

This is the eighth year for the ACE Poetry Contest and the eighth time I’m the mascot. The ACE Learning Center schools are now online learning-focused, and I barked four times when I heard that all four schools wanted to join the contest. Arf. Arf. Arf. Arf. My pal, Lucy, is thrilled too as you can see by her big smile.

Since April is a shelter at home month, it’s a perfect month for learning about and writing poetry. Our lives have changed a lot because of this coronavirus, yet friends, family, teachers and pets have become more important as we all find our path through this virus journey. (Let’s not forget the importance of all the nurses, doctors and others on the front line either.) Poetry can be an outlet, a source of insight and solace, and even an escape from the constant reminder that stay or shelter at home really means that ’cause those bad virus dudes are out there to get us.

The teachers at the ACE Learning Center schools are gonna teach poetry and students are going to write some and be a part of the ACE Poetry Contest. Arf to Alpha Public Schools. Arf to Oakland International High School. Arf to San Francisco International High School. Arf to Oxford Day Academy.

Poetry is also fun, which is what the ACE Poetry Contest is all about. Plus, the winners win MONEY. How cool is that. Here are the rules:

? Poetry topic is open. Any topic. Your choice. Your virtual teacher will guide you.

? Judging rules and choosing the winners are managed by each school.

? First Place receives $100. Second Place receives $75 and Third Place receives $50. All will be in the form of a credit card gift card so you can spend it anywhere.

? Any type of poetry is eligible. Haiku, slam, limerick, free verse, qauīdah, epic, even doggerel, which is my favorite. Well, of course.

Because learning is online now, here’s a great place to learn about poetry and see some of the older, famous ones, and the newer, soon to be famous, ones. Plus, you can sign up for the Poem-a-Day email and get a fun poem every day. Sort of like getting a treat, if you know what I mean. Afterall, I’m a dog. I love treats.

Speaking of treats, don’t forget that April 30 is Poem in Your Pocket Day. It’s when you share your poem all day long with friends – online, video or six-feet away, of course – because poems are treats. Well, not quite as good as a crunchy beef treat or a pet from Lucy, but still a treat.

Look for more blogs from me and perhaps others who want to share poems they wrote and thoughts about poetry. Remember, the winning poems will also be shared on the ACE Spectrum blog.

And don’t forget sharing on social media – #ACEPoetryContest, #NPM20, #ShelterinPoems, #PoetryMonth and any of your social media favorites. A TikTok posted poem would be awesome. ?

Check out this blog for fun stuff all April and remember – treat yourself to a poem.

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