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Click Click – Oakland International High School Winning Poets Write Short, Truthful Poems

By Violet, ACE Poetry Contest Mascot,Oakland International High School

Me-ow! Carlos holds his winning poem for all to see. Congratulations Carlos!

Style. Class. Brevity. Truth.

These are descriptors of the winning poems of the ACE Poetry Contest at Oakland International High School. Best poets. Best school. Best Poetry Contest Mascot. (Me.) =^..^=

I’m a cat that sits high up on bookshelves, looking down at poets, students and teachers. Of course I’m going to say that, even though Riley, Thor, Chupe and Cronos are my Mascot Besties. Best all around.

Here are our winning poems and poets. Check ’em out.

1st Place
Carlos, Grade 10

Poison in your home

Throw your phone like a skipping stone watch is sink in quiet water, evict the tutor from your home who poisons son and daughter. The touch and gaze that seek so often. The screens that veil life from us denied to beings, we are but things of the things among us.

2nd Place
Anna, Grade 11

Click – bip – bring – peep

Click… click… I can hear the sound for a whole night.
Bip… Bip and here I got a message. Oh!! Well too bad homework later Click… Click I text all night.
Bring.. Bring.. My alarm said.
Me: Ohh no I am late for school
Peep… peep and here the bus left me.
Ohh well I don’t care anymore.
(what the technology!) -_-

3rd Place
Darwin, Grade 9

The joy of my life

You are my inspiration and motivation of my life because when I awake you are the joy of my life. You have received falls and cracks from me and despite everything you always remain with me. Every moment you help me find myself. At dusk I adore your sweet company, waiting for dawn to have you whisper in my ear.


Writing poetry is hard. Here’s a poet creating and working away.

Thanks to all the enthusiastic poets who entered the contest. Keep writing poems. See you next year – April 2019, National Poetry Month.

And paws up to my Mascot Besties – Riley, Thor, Chupe and Cronos. Truth: you are the best. Like poetry, you are a treat in my life. I just hang out on bookshelves and look down on you guys. I’m a cat. It’s what we do.





And another poet working away…










And me, Violet, looking for my Mascot Besties, atop my bookshelf.

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