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Cross Cultural Friendships Built Via Technology, Food and Music at OIHS/ACE Learning Center

By Guest Blogger Ms. Aeisha, Parent Teacher, ACE Learning Center, Oakland International High School

It takes technology…

This year has been full of wonderful community-building moments in our parent classes at the ACE Learning Center at Oakland International High School! Our students, who come from all over the world, build cross-cultural friendships with each other as they use technology, learn English, and cook food together using produce from our gardens.

Technology is such an important tool for our families to learn how to use as they learn to read and write in English, as they enroll in community college classes, and as they navigate their new society. We try to do our small part in supporting our parents as they adjust to life in the United States.

…food and music to build cultural friendships.

In partnership with the Alameda Food Bank, our families get access to fresh food including fruits, vegetables, milk, eggs, and rice once a month on campus. Our family support nights bring in other local partners, like the Oakland Technology Exchange and Alameda County Health Care, to help our families get computers, Internet access, and health insurance, so that they can truly embark upon achieving the American Dream.

Last week, we had a treat as a local musician and volunteer came to visit our parent classes to perform on the banjo (click on the link) IMG_1307, that most American of instruments, bringing in a piece of Americana to our classroom full of immigrants. The parents loved it and we had a rich discussion about music around the world and other similar stringed instruments that could be found in the countries where our students are from.

In our next update, we’ll hear from parents themselves about the impact that the ACE Learning Center has had on their lives and about the work they’re doing in class.

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