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Poetry Contest Winners From Oxford Day Academy Write About Learning Using Technology

By Thor, ACE Poetry Contest Mascot, Oxford Day Academy

What’s up Oxford Day? Poetry’s up. Make it a habit.

Like my namesake, that Norse god, I know good thunder and lightning when I see it. And our winners of the ACE Poetry Contest know how to wield that poetry hammer and strike with strength. These are amazing winning poems and are focused on learning with technology in a very positive way.

Read ’em now.


1st Place
How Technology Has Improved Learning
By Jay Lauese

New Technology, new ways to learn
Very quick, hard to earn
As fast as a click of a keyboard
As satisfying as plugging in a Wii cord
Do what it takes to succeed
To your mind, the data will feed
Explore to find more
Understand to have an upperhand
As long as we’re alive, we’re gonna thrive
Collecting data to archive


Second Place Winner Jimena Martinez. Congratulations!

2nd Place
Time for some originality me thinks
By Jimena Martinez

Time for some originality me thinks
This copy and paste world of ours
Right click here
Left clicks there
Using more words
Than we can understand

You’ve brought us all closer
Then made us more distant
Made us more aware
Made new ways for us to
Share one website

We all know
Tech is a wrech
From pushing buttons
To sending messages

Tech is improving
With its Twist and turns
Tech is actually improving

From reading
Paper to screens
Its where
Teens like to be

Scrolling through pages
As the ages move
There out to prove
Tech is improving learning

Learning is a reward
We are earning
Through computers

From seeing videos
About anything
Learning to read
In the pace of speed
Tech is improving learning

To make this short and simple
And smile if you have dimples
I didn’t write this
I typed this

I used a computer
I was amused when I skimmed
To see that
Tech is improving learning


3rd Place
How has Technology Improved Learning
By Kerry Maay

Technology has impacted many lives today
It’s the most helpful thing to use every day
Thanks to technology, this poem seems so clear and well written
No, it wasn’t handwritten by a pencil
But got typed up and very well printed instead
Thanks to technology,
I used an online dictionary if I needed help with my vocabulary
There wasn’t any need to go out and make my way to the library
I remember way back in elementary,
Pencils and paper were the most important utensils for school
We have the technology now supplies aren’t necessary anymore
If I ever need help with my homework, I don’t need to stress
We got Google, all the help we need is there all addressed
There’s no need to write your teacher a letter
You could quickly just send her a message on Gmail, it makes everything so much better
A computer has way more information than your teacher does
It has everything that you want to learn or have ever discussed
Technology could literally help you with anything and everything
It’s the most helpful thing and don’t forget that it’s also very supporting


See what I mean? Great, hard-hitting poetry.

Thanks to the best Mascots out there – Riley (the King at this), Violet (who wonders from school yard to school yard sometimes) and Chupe and Cronos, a great poetry team.

National Poetry Month has come to an end. How unfortunate, indeed. But keep your hopes up, we’re looking forward to next year’s entries to our contest! I would like to thank all those who participated and congratulate all the winners! Great job!

As we end Poetry Month, I have one last poem in mind that I’d love to share with you all. Here you go:

Don’t pay any mind to the things you can’t do
When all that you can do is right in front of you
Just do what you can and I’ll give you a hand
When no one will, I’ll help you stand
Face your challenges in order to thrive
You’re almost there, you’ve just got to try
In five short weeks, summer will appear
So don’t fret, tenth grade is near

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