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Winners of San Francisco International High School ACE Poetry Contest Announced

By Chupe, ACE Poetry Contest Mascot, San Francisco International High School

I’m being held down so I don’t jump for joy at these great poems. But I’m smiling about them ’cause they’re so good!.

Lobo and Riley are howling. But I’m still a puppy, so I’m jumping up and down and smiling big. The winning poets in our ACE Poetry Contest have been announced at San Francisco International High School.

And you know what? I’m really impressed! I may be just a pup, but these poets are amazing. Pups understand amazing, because we are required to be that way all the time. But these poets have thoughtful, interesting poems about technology and its impact on them. Wow! Jump, jump! Smile, smile!

Okay, here they are the winners:

Here are the winners! Left to right: Merry, Ken and Elise.

First Place – Merry L. Second Place – Elise V. Third Place – Ken L.

And here are their poems:

Every Coin Has Two Sides
By Merry L.

Amazing internet
Connect all around the world

A good assistant of scientists
A smart friend of students
A helpful leader of children

Every coin has two sides

Heads down, making humans tired
Strong light, making human eyes hurt
Fake world, making human fall into the hole

Every coin has two sides

A friend who could lead you to success
A friend who could push you to fail



by Elise V.

Didn’t you ever wonder
How such small things can realize,
Fast as a peal of thunder,
Tasks of our eveyday lives?

Phones track your heart beat
Will it, one day, stop it?

I confess I am afraid
That love will be in the shade.

That the importance of humanity
Will be soon replaced by technology.


By Ken L.

Appreciation to cell phone
One of the greatest inventions
Half of earth’s people use you
Cell phone, I appreciate you

Because of you
We can see each other across oceans
We can hear each other across continents
Cell phone, I appreciate you

Because of you
We can make an exact route
We can know the precise weather
Cell phone, I appreciate you

Because of you
We can photograph wonderful moments
We can show our best faces to others
Cell phone, I appreciate you

Be great, be glory
Keep it up, everyone loves you
Cell phone, I appreciate you.


Wow again. I see how Lobo and Riley get excited and howl, “Arf!” Great job Poets!  See you next year during National Poetry Month!

And ACE says, “Thank you Merry, Ken and Elise!  We love your poems.”

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