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Winning High School Poets from Alpha: Cindy Avitia Show Off Their Poems

By Riley, ACE Poetry Contest Mascot, Alpha Public Schools

Coolest winning poets – Marco Ramirez (left) and Andrea Gonzalez.

These high school poets from Alpha: Cindy Avitia High School are the coolest. They know about technology and its impact on learning and their lives, and they write awesome poems. Get on it.




1st Place
By Andrea Gonzalez

Technology is not a creation of our time
It’s continuation is an everlasting climb
With it we’ve kept on learning
For knowledge is something that we keep yearning
Throughout the years, throughout the seasons
Knowledge has only ever increased our reason
From the Stone Ages where effective tools were in fashion
To the 1960s, where in media the Civil Rights sought compassion
Learning comes in many stages
In that regard tech has only increased our wages

Look around and really see
Everything here’s thanks to technology
Your bed, clothes, chair, yeah I know this rooms a mess
But everything’s been cut, fined, or pressed
By machines we don’t know the names of
Most of us don’t care, hear the name give it a shove
Technology is the shiny signs, computers, watches, or phones
Things we are always excited to own!

It’s thanks to them that people from this age
Know about the history books, not just their recent page
The access of information is endless
It’s a curious mind’s form of bliss

Nowadays we learn to be human digitally
Talking to people we can’t hear or see
Toddlers owning tablets
Children starting habits
Of staring at their phones all day
“Jimmy just go out and play!”
This new era may seem like the first
But who do you think called books the worst?
The original people who exclaimed: What about talking?
When they saw people buried in their books as they were walking

But the times are changing!
It’s cause for industrialization
For the rise of globalization
It sweeps the nation!
In education
That inspires motivation
Technology inspires creation.
Without it we’d be stuck in a Stone Age frustration


2nd Place
By Marco Ramirez

We live in a world of Technology
Improving is what we do
By the time the world ends
We will not be dead.

In a world of Communication
Our minds will read each other’s
There will be no more, phones
There will be no more, beepers
There will be no more, hands on devices

Dinosaurs went extinct
And us humans are next
Not physically but mentally

Babies can operate phones
There is a new breed
A new life
A future for the world

There will be no more struggles
And old school will be an old term
Iphones and Macs will evolve
Vehicles that predict accidents
Steel plate backpacks
VR and hunchbacks

The new life we all live
Will only continue to develop
The world we lived in died
People from it are leaving with it
Our earth will continue to improve
Because that’s what we do…


Arf, that’s what we do. Learn with technology that inspires creation. Great poems. Real treats. (I’m so excited I’m looking for some beef treats.) Arf!

More poet winners to come. Stay tuned.

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