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Winning Poets From San Francisco International High School Checkmate Learning With Tech and Poetry

By Chupe, ACE Poetry Contest Mascot, San Francisco International High School

Chupe here. Looking out toward poetry. Liking what I see.

Our students wrote cool poems. Then entered them into the ACE Poetry Contest to honor April, National Poetry Month. The judges judged. Really hard to pick winners. It took a while, but you know how patient us dogs are. (Well, except for Riley.) Violet, Oakland International High School Poetry Contest Mascot, even stopped by campus this week to check out the students and their poems.

But the winners from San Francisco International High School have been chosen. They are awesome.

1st Place
Learning with Technology
By Haibin Y.

From nomads to sedentaries,
From fights to rejoins,
From hand work to factories,
From barter to bitcoins.

Technology has marked
a before and after in life.
But how did humans work
Through technology to flourish and lose strife?

Technology has taught us
To have a wider imagination,
To keep exploring and being curious.
To never give up and raise our aspiration.

Technology is a great tool.
A tool that has to be an implement in every school.
A tool that everybody should use.
A tool that should be diffused.

But it can also be a double edged sword.
It can be the light that guides
You to the checkmate on the chessboard
Or the gravity that drags your life into a riptide.

So, we, the people, must learn
To use this great tool properly
And use its advantages to earn
Our life lottery.


2nd Place
Work Tech
By Raymond Z.

Technology is like our helper in life
It look like your mom your dad and your wife
It help save our time when we have others to do
We can use it anywhere like we use it in school
It change our life a lot and never feel tired
When we working using technology like we burn a fire
Our job is only watching typing and sit on a chair
Technology is like something that we need like air
it make us fair and we not scared
That what i care and we learn how to share


3rd Place
By Aries D.

Travel in a new world
I have a dream
Explore the world with technology
Internet is like a bridge
Connects the past and the future
I walked onto the bridge
I saw invisible cables shuttle next to me
It’s emitting a strong light
Shiny and brightliness

I rise my hand to block the lights
It’s shiny and brightliness
Like a light from planetary explosion
I touch the bridge,
It forms a liquid screen
With lots of information
The long-gone comer and the upcoming tides

With the sun rises and the birds buzz,
I ended the dream
I sat down at front of my computer
Learning a graphic design


See. Really amazing poems. And poets. Congratulations.

Thanks to everyone who taught about poetry, wrote poems and judged the contest. Hope to see everyone next year for National Poetry Month 2019. In the meantime, keep reading and writing poems.

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