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Winning Poets of ACE Poetry Contest Announced from Alpha’s Cornerstone Academy

By Riley, ACE Poetry Contest Mascot, Alpha Public Schools

Poetry winners show off their prizes. Left to right: Emma Bean, Cornerstone Academy Principal; Jessica Trinh, 3rd Place Winner; Cindy Le, 1st Place Winner; and Julyssa Castorena-Sanchez, 2nd Place Winner.

Arf! Arf! I’m barking to announce the first of the ACE Poetry Contest winners. These are students from Cornerstone Academy Preparatory School , and they have some great poems. Check ’em out.

1st place:
“Lights” by Cindy Le (6th grade)

A spark of light runs through the cord.
Lights on.
The screen brightens once more.

I enter my world. Full of madness.
Making my mark on every Key I

The browser opened. Forget about school.
I can read the news. School, they read the
Facts, but no other opinions in fact.

They teach us accordingly about things we need to know,
But did you forget? The media teaches us too.

I’m busy, you know. I got problems, with numbers.
Numbers, that’s right. I plan, strengthen every night.

  1. 10:00pm
    Books! Books on the shelf.
    Filled with letters, adjectives, and nouns.
    I’ll pass, I rather read my comics on my virtual

I feel shot.
My eyes bleeding.

Lights Off

2nd place:
“T.E.C.H.N.O.L.O.G.Y.” by Julyssa Castorena-Sanchez (5th grade)

Terrible, mean words
Everyone laughed at her
Cyber bullying is NOT funny
Have a heart and hear me out
Never should this have happened
Obviously it should be stopped
Letting this go on would be horrific
Only the problem is, nobody ever stops it
Get smart and think twice before speaking
Your words could make someone’s day or ruin someone’s life, so make the right choice

3rd place:
“Opposites Do Attract” by Jessica Trinh (7th grade)

The world of science
The denying of things
Oh how amazing it can be!
Technology at its best
Solving our problems every minute,
Every second
But, what does technology do?
Kills our brains, hurts our eyes,
The blinding light at its power
But it’s more than just that, alright?
A friend, a source, its mysterious sides
Tempting us into a hole full of surprises
Oh all the things to explore, just waiting for us…

Congratulations Cindy, Julyssa and Jessica. Your poems are the treat for the day. Thank you.

(Well, a beef nibble would be a nice treat for today too….)

Congratulations to the winning poets at Cornerstone Academy. Your poems are treats!

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